E3 2010

So, with E3 only two painful weeks away, what’s the big news so far on one of the biggest gaming events of the year?

We know exactly what we’re going to be seeing from Microsoft and Sony. It’s going to be the same battle of old, dueling against one another for the top spot while Nintendo simply get on with their own thing like a child amusing itself in the corner. Of course, I am referring to the mammoths that are Project Natal for Microsoft, and the more obviously names Playstation Move for Sony.

Now, as an old fan of the Playstation platforms, I had hoped that Sony would have come up with something a little better. The problem here is that Sony appear to have replaced the analogue controller with…two controllers? Wait, doesn’t this sound just like the Wii? Before you think i’m knocking Sony, i’m not, i’m just stating the obvious. I would also like to state that I have not seen any of Playstation Move in action aside from what was shown at last years E3. They’re going to have to pull something impressive this year to catch my attention again. Microsoft has the aesthetic advantage here with no controller in sight. Natal uses only the human body to control its games. If that isn’t an advantage, then I don’t know what is.

I don’t even know what Nintendo are going to do this year. They already have their motion sensor console, and they have already increased the size of the DS, which I saw as a completely backwards way of moving forwards, but hey, who am I to argue? Unless they pull out something extra special like a new console or a serious list of gaming gems, we could potentially see Nintendo falling very far behind in the console race.

One small thing concerns me however about this years E3. Seeing as this is only my first proper post on here, I am sure that you will not know that I have been a huge Square Enix fan for many years. That love is dwindling fast though, and as of this moment in time, there is only one announced game from the Japanese giants, Kane & Lynch 2. Why do I see no mention of Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts? Obviously I know this is not all that they are limited to, but they are such huge franchises, and are currently nowhere to be seen. They must have a trick hidden up their sleeves.

More on E3 when I have the time!

To conclude, who do we think will ‘win’ E3 this year? Microsoft were the clear winners last year in my eyes, with so many new and interesting games to be released, and of course Project Natal. This year could be any man for himself. I will be surprised if Nintendo manage to take down the opposition, but anything could happen! What do you guys think?


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