3D Gaming

I’m intrigued to know as to what people make to this whole 3D gaming lark. I have only experienced this first hand once for all of about 15 minutes, and that was Avatar the Game in London at the end of last year. It was quite good fun watching everything jump out at me and come to life in front of my eyes, but I did feel a bit of a fool sat in a dark room with a, rather snazzy, pair of 3D glasses on.

Long gone are the days when you would be wearing a colourful pair of square cardboard glasses in order to see anything in 3D, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

Credit for image to - http://www.pro3dglasses.com/I only wanted to talk about this because I have just seen some news about the new Nintendo 3DS. Sure it sounds impressive, but how many different versions of the DS do Nintendo really need to have? First they made it smaller, then they made it bigger, and now they’re making it 3D as well. This is all very well, but I’m finding it a little hard to keep up! Thank God they’re not changing the format the games can play on each time as well otherwise gaming with Nintendo could become a very expensive hobby.

I’m sure that the 3Ds will have a pretty price tag on it, but I suppose it won’t be as much as a 3D television which is a definite plus point. Looking at paying well over £1000 even for a bog standard 3D TV, it all appears to be a bit of a luxury at the moment though either way. Even at the cinema you end up paying about £10 to look a fool with everyone else just to see a few added dimensions, so I dread to think how much the games would cost. I remember being shocked and appalled at PS3 games coming out at between £40 and £50 brand new, but I can see 3D being more. I suppose I can’t pass too much judgement at the moment though as this is new technology.

I’m not saying I don’t think it will take off, because I really do hope it does. It’s just a little bit expensive at the moment. Imagining all the people sat in their big movie theatre gaming rooms with a 60” 3D gaming telly, super sound system and their funky shades is giving me a little attack of the green eyed monster, but I will just keep dreaming until it becomes a little more affordable for us common folk.

Do we think 3D is just going to an expensive gimmick, or something that will seriously change the face of gaming once more?

Credit for image to – http://www.pro3dglasses.com/


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