E3 2010 Biggest Games

There has been an update on the list of games coming our way since my last entry on the E3 Expo, and I’m more than pleased to see some big names on their way to us. These are  my most anticipated games right now.

Zombie killing fans will pleased to hear some more news next week on Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising: Case Zero as downloadable content which will fill in the gaps between the first and the second game for the hardcore fans that want every detail they can get their hands on. This has been talked about for quite a while already with some interesting new zombie slaughtering methods in the making, and looking like it has a perhaps slightly cooler lead role. Makeshift chainsaw? Yes please!

Who can forget Microsoft’s monstrous line up of Fable 3, GoW 3 and Halo:Reach? These are 3 big releases that fanboys worldwide will be drooling over until their  screens are filled with their stunning graphics. Will Reach really be the end of the Halo series? I’m not convinced, no matter what Bungie say, it’s worth too much money.

We all know that Peter Molyneux is boasting about being able to use Natal with Fable 3, which I’m still not sure about how that will actually work, but Microsoft will also be featuring Milo from last years E3 as a playable game on Natal when it is released to the general public. For those who thought that Milo was just for show, think again for you could have your own virtual friend to spend your days with in your living room very soon.

After talking about Square Enix having little to no games listed last time, they have only gone and updated with a plethora of exciting titles. Naturally, there are two brand new Kingdom Hearts games coming to the handheld consoles, but I am still sad to see no sign of KH3.  I’m most excited to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a futuristic shooter that to me looks a little bit like a darker version of Mass Effect.  I’ve never even heard of this series, but now I’m pretty intrigued. I haven’t played a really exciting shooter since Fallout 3 came along, and I need some adrenaline pumping action!

And this leads me nicely into talking about Fallout New Vegas. The return of the Pip Boy has never seemed so wonderful. After spending 70 hours+ of my life playing Fallout 3, excited would be an understatement when talking about New Vegas. Fans of the series I’m sure cannot wait to sink their teeth into a new story and help fend off the cross dressing super mutants and God knows what else from the civilians of Vegas. The new companion system looks the most exciting, along with a new weapon expansion tool, and of course the new world itself is bound to be as mammoth as before.

Ubisoft will no doubt be focusing mainly on the new Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Brotherhood will see the return of Ezio as the Assassin hero fighting against the Templar Order once again, and also will include a brand new multiplayer feature. I’m not entirely sure how that is going to work, but I’ll definitely give it a bash when it arrives on British shores. There goes the idea that we were going to see a Female assassin. Oh well, maybe better luck next time.

This  only a very short list of the biggest games that will be shown next week in Los Angeles, but I’m not sure I can handle much more excitement than that just yet.


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