Next week’s big releases

Naughty Bear (Xbox 360, PS3) 25/06/2010

If you enjoy things like Happy Tree Friends or Gloomy Bear, then Naughty Bear is a game you want to keep an eye on. What better way to pass the time than as an angry bear, hell bent on revenge for not being invited to a birthday party? Okay, so it might be a bit of an extreme reaction, but it will sure be fun to exact sadistically enjoyable pain upon the fluffy bears who have wronged you. Naughty Bear is like visiting the Teddy Bear’s Picnic on a really, really bad day.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (All formats) 25/06/2010

A must have for all Harry Potter and Lego fans out there. This latest release in the successful Lego franchise will put you in the shoes of Harry Potter’s Lego twin, letting you roam around Hogwarts and play through the events of the first four films. Featuring two-player co-operative mode with the same dynamic split screen system first seen in Lego Indiana Jones 2, hours of puzzle solving fun and platforming action will be had whether on your own or with a friend.


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