This Month’s Hottest Releases

With the summer gaming drought in full swing, what on earth are we going to do as gamers to keep ourselves going? Sure, we could replay a couple of our beloved games, but there are only so many times we can do that without getting bored, surely. Luckily, there are four pretty nifty releases this month and you are bound to like the look of at least one of them. Hopefully this small selection will keep you busy until the holiday season when we will be seeing the much bigger releases.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World – 11/8/2010 (PSN) & 25/8/2010 (XBLA)

Scott Pilgrim is an upcoming beat ‘em up game for the XBLA & PSN which is to tie in with the release of the film under the same name. The game follows looks Scott Pilgrim, nerd and band member, as he tries to get the girl but unfortunately has to literally fight for her. It looks as though it’s going to have a real retro feel to it, just like a true Arcade Game of old. It would be really nice to get an old arcade pad to play with to really make the game feel unique.

Harvest Moon; Grand Bazaar – 17/8/2010

This one is for me. Oh Harvest Moon, you have never failed to disappoint me. I have missed many of your most recent outings but have a very keen eye on Grand Bazaar. The story is simple; you are given a farm to build up from the rundown state it has been left in and you must restore it back to perfection. Along the way you will have to start a family, and run your home along with the vast farm. The Harvest Moon series always provides a great Simulation experience, and if you have never played it, I implore you to at least try this one out.

Kane & Lynch 2; Dog Days – 20/8/2010

Kane & Lynch is one of the grittiest shooters I think I have ever seen. Having not played the first one I can’t really pass comment on it, but I have seen the demo for Dog Days and have to say I was impressed. This second outing for the gruesome twosome appears to kick start in China, and from the very beginning you are thrown into the action. Realistic movement and gunplay makes the game feel wonderful to play, and this is definitely one to look out for at the end of the month for those who like their shooters and are looking for a deep storyline.

Mafia II – 27/08/2010

If you like violence, showgirls and 40’s/50’s megastars then you will no doubt be keeping a keen eye on Mafia II. Set between 1945 and 1957, Mafia II takes place in the fictional city of Empire Bay with what looks to be more guns and more plot than its predecessor. Hopefully there will be a marked improvement in graphics and game play 6 years on from the original, with a few new mechanics thrown in for good measure. With DLC already mentioned, this should be a great gang style adventure.


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