Toddlers, agitated shoulders and Scott Pilgrim

I’m back! I’m more tired than when I went on holiday, and I will blame my 2 year old cousin for that. Never been so exhausted in my life. And i’ve done my shoulder in lugging my suitcase around Manchester yesterday as well. But hey, i’m back, and it’s onto my thoughts of the Scott Pilgrim game.

I actually bought this on the PSN for £7.99 (800MSP on XBLA) before I went away because I knew it wasn’t out until yesterday on the XBLA. However, life got in the way and I didn’t actually have time to play it properly until yesterday when I got home.

The thing that drew me to this game the most was the animation. Side scrolling fighting sprites? Oh yes please. Retro music and coin system? Very yes please! I don’t profess to know many retro games at all, but the general retro style has always been something i’ve completely adored. The music is also a serious winning point for me. Midi files galore, the music in this game is seriously infectious and will be in your head for days.

My first thoughts when I saw the animation and style of the game were Tekken Force meets Pokemon. A weird comparison? Yes it is, but allow me to explain. It reminds me of Tekken Force simply because it’s a highly amusing side scrolling fighter. The reason it reminds me of Pokemon is the map. As soon as I found my way to the game map, it just really felt like I was Scott Pilgrim in the world of Pokemon, almost sure I could see Poke-centers and Gyms, getting urges to shout ‘Ramona, I choose you!’

There are several zones to work your way through, none of them seeming to be particularly short or long. The first level seemed to go on forever, but I will put that down to me just starting it and being a mere wealking in this new world. Each zone has several sections to it, pitting you against different enemies each time, with new objects to utilise in their demise. Bash people around the face with a skateboard, or knock them down with a high speed snowball. Pretty much everything you see around you can be used to beat up the bad guys. Naturally they can also do the same to you, but get a group of them together and bash away with a baseball bat and they will be dispatched in no time at all.

This isn’t just any standard fighting game though. You actually earn levels, new moves to bust out, and can actually purchase upgrades and enhancements with the coins you get for beating up the bad guys. Coins take a while to gather until you can actually afford anything, but you can purchase strength boosts, accessories and food for extra lives. It’s nice to have a little incentive in a fighting game other than ‘Go and beat that guy up because he looked at you funny’. Boss battles can be very hard as you get further into the game, so you will really need to have your wits about you, but there is a delightful sense of satisfaction after eating each of Ramona’s seven evil boyfriends.

The only thing that isn’y enjoyable about Scott Pilgrim is the difficulty level. I’m playing it as an ‘Average Joe’ which looks to be the easy setting, but it certainly is not an easy game. I’ve lost count of how many lives have been stripped away from me. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun though, and i’m sure it will be bags of fun with a few extra friends to join in the mayhem and help you out a little bit.

I was also a little disappointed that the multiplayer isn’t local, just online.  I know one other person with the game on the PSN, and he lives in America. A bit far to go for a Scott Pilgrim session. There are also a couple more characters to unlock, but I haven’t got that far yet.

Scott Pilgrim is a great game, and now that i’ve played it and read a few of the comics, all I need to do now is see Michael Cera in action in the film, and I really cannot wait to see this crazy love story on the big screen.


One thought on “Toddlers, agitated shoulders and Scott Pilgrim

  1. Totally concur. Awesome game with awesome old school music. I’ve been loving every bit of it. Just need to finish up leveling up some of the other characters and unlock the last one. Good times… Good times.

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