So many games, so little time

I’m shamed to admit that i’m one of those people who buys a new game and will start it before finishing what I am already playing. I know, it’s not good, it means I have a massive back catalogue of games to complete but at the same time I want to keep up to date.

It’s not that I ever got bored of these games I need to get a completion streak going on, most of them are some of my favourite games. It really is that something new and exciting came along. On the rare occasion I leave a game behind because I simply got bored of grinding to the point of my soul being destroyed, and needed to play a little something to restore my sanity.

Regardless, you can’t beat that glorious feeling of satisfaction when you complete a game for the first time, especially after having left it for so long. This weekend I have been playing 3 games almost simultaneously; Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Quest IX and Eternal Sonata. Yes, i’m a JRPG freak.

Dragon Quest IX has been getting less of my time as of late simply because I cannot kill the final boss. After the 5th attempt, and hours of grinding I wanted to go back to something old, but also have a bash at something new at the same time. If you’re reading this and you know me quite well, you will know that I have had an almost burning hatred for FFXIII ever since it was announced that there were no towns, an auto battle system and that the story runs on extremely linear train tracks. However, I put all those grudges behind me and had a little bash at a copy a friend of mine has permitted me to borrow. Putting all my pride aside, i’m actually enjoying it very much, but I still dislike all the points I stated above. The worst part though, is that all the things I disliked about the game work very well for what it is. FFXIII will never be the JRPG I want it to be, but it is enjoyable for what it is.

After grinding through about 10 hours of FFXIII without much of a break, I remembered a little gem on my Xbox 360 I had almost forgotten about. Eternal Sonata. I love this game for many reasons, and not just the cutesy anime style graphics. This is a bit different in terms of plot to your standard JRPG though. Eternal Sonata strangely focuses around French classical composer Frederic Chopin, and his dying dream. It’s a bit of an odd concept, but I like Frederic Chopin’s music, and it features very heavily. The battle system is also very clever as a combination of real time and turn based.  I would even go as far to say that Eternal Sonata has one of my favourite battle systems to date. Superior to FFXIII in my eyes.

In a month or so however, even if I do manage to complete all these games (Oh, and i’m also playing COD:MW2, but that can wait) then I have a feeling i’m going to eventually get myself into this mess again. My list of games for the end of this year and moving into 2011 is only mammoth in the amount of time it will take to complete them all; Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Fallout New Vegas, Fable 3 and Dead Space 2. I am also probably going to be getting hold of Bayonetta at some point; the game I like to call Devil May Cry for perverts, in the best way possible!

I think I will need all the luck, and money, in the world to get through these next few months of gaming without leaving a stack in the corner of my room for a rainy completion weekend. Or maybe I just need to prioritise my time better. Either way, it’s going to be a great holiday season, and I can’t wait to waste it gaming.


3 thoughts on “So many games, so little time

  1. You need to add Tales of Vesperia to that list of games to be completed – it’s on my tbc list too along with several others 😉

    • Vesperia is a game I need to get. But I have too many games and not enough time to play them. Lost Odyssey and Resonance of Fate are in line for a play through after FF13 has been completed.

  2. Resonance of Fate is an excellent game, but not without it’s faults. I gave up on it (with full intentions to go back as soon as possible) because the difficult just shot through the roof.

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