Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Demo

So, the Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock demo was released today on XBL. I won’t pretend I wasn’t excited, because I was. It finally looks as though a Guitar Hero game has got some proper music (in my opinion) for us to tamper with. There’s still a bit of Dragonforce, but you can’t have everything in life, right?

As excited as I was for the demo, I was a little underwhelmed. I’m a bit of a heavy/industrial music nut, so when I saw Avenged Sevenfold & Nine Inch Nails were lending their wonderful songs to this gaming series I was overjoyed. I should have known better than to find these on the demo. Instead I found a Black Sabbath song (nothing wrong with Sabbath, but a bit predictable) and some song that Slash was in. I have nothing against the golden oldies, but seriously? You have bands like Five Finger Death Punch on here, and the best you could do was Sabbath? To be fair there was a rather heavy song at the end of the demo that I definitely enjoyed, even if I had no idea who it was by.

Anyway, enough about the songs, what about the new game play? It’s certainly a little bit different from previous ventures, but you don’t really get enough of a taste for it in this 4 song demo. From what I gathered, building up star ratings on each songs gets you closer to unleashing your true Warrior of Rock powers. Nifty stuff. Each character has a different transformation and set of powers to play around with, but you didn’t get to try this out in the demo as you only had access to one character. A bit disappointing, but I suppose they wanted to save the best until the release.

This may sound as though I’m really slamming the demo, but that is not my intention. It’s a good introduction to the new layout for the game, and does have 4 varied songs to choose from and master. In my personal opinion and from a music point of view it could have been better, but that’s just me and i’m awkward like that.

For those who don’t know, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock is out on 24th September, complete with a Ltd Ed which contains an easily customisable Axe Guitar for those that really want to rock their living rooms hardcore style.


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