Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Mode

Surprisingly to me Visceral have decided to give Dead Space 2 an online multiplayer mode. Check out the awesome trailer on the Official Website. The brand new multiplayer will pit 2 teams against one another. One team will contain 4 humans, and the other will contain 4 necromorphs giving players a chance to play as their favourite cuddly aliens. It is not yet clear exactly which necromorphs will be playable, or indeed who the human playable characters will be but there will be both a co operative mode and a competitive mode.

I’m not 100% sure about this. Dead Space is a survival horror and to me has always been about the atmosphere. I can honestly see 8 people running around trying to kill each other not being particularly terrifying. I could be proved wrong though. I am definitely interested to see what maps and game modes Visceral can come up with to separate it from the single player campaign. Roll on February 2011!

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2 thoughts on “Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Mode

  1. Really looking forward to the new Dead Space game. Have to say though that I like the idea of coop in this and many other games. But teams fighting each other in Dead Space??? Hmmm not really convinced to be honest. I just think the devs are scared not to have it at the moment.

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