New Devil May Cry announced at TGS

This is slightly old news now, but I have only just seen the trailer for the new Devil May Cry game properly, and also a small video interview explaining what is going to change and what is going to stay the same. I already have the music from the trailer in my head, so they have certainly achieved what they set out to do there. Good marketing, I like it.

The new Devil May Cry appears to be some sort of prequel, but a pretty far back prequel. In the interview I just watched, 1970’s and the Punk genre were mentioned. That information can kind of be gleamed by the general punky look they have given this fresher Dante, and certainly the music that accompanies it.

I know when I first heard the announcement about a new DMC game, I was a little unsure to say the least. DMC 1&2 were fantastic, DMC3 was alright if not a little bit too difficult from the previous games, and DMC4 was fun until you actually got to use Dante, who was slow and pretty much useless. Maybe a complete revamp and a bit of back to basics is really what the series needs, and it does look impressive, i’ll give it that.

The new, younger Dante looks  quite slick if not a little crazy, and he looks to have the super speed that was certainly lacking in DMC4. Hopefully his trusty guns Ebony & Ibory will make an appearance as to retain some sort of familiarity for the fans.

I’m expecting big things from this game, and if they don’t deliver I will be sorely disappointed. Things are looking up at the moment, but anything can happen between now and release. DmC looks set for release on both Xbox 360 & PS3 with no release date as yet.

TGS Debut Trailer
Video Interview


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