So, it’s my birthday

Thought I had better let everyone know where on earth I have been over the past week or so. Life has been busy due to my becoming 21 today, sorting out my party on Saturday, and staying with relatives over the weekend. I haven’t even had time to play much of Fallout New Vegas, and that arrived a week ago today! I have been bombarded with a collection of PS games to have a mooch at as well, so hook me up to a gaming drip for the next month. Assassins Creed Brotherhood is happening in the middle of November, so I need to crack out and bash out my New Vegas Review which will be uploaded here a week after it has had it’s run on TIMJ. I’ve also been given 2100 MSP from the parents, so those will be going on the Claptrap DLC for Borderlands, and the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption. So many games, so little time!

A proper post when birthday celebrations have come to an end and I have both the time and sobriety to write something interesting and comprehensive. To end, have a picture of myself, my delightfuly large badge from work and Fable 3 which arrived today. Good times? I think so!


Ramble with me

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