Oh hey, i’ve been a little bit distant from here as of late again haven’t I? I recon one of my New Years resolutions should be to update more, and not just with reviews! What did everyone else get for Christmas? Anything truly awesome from the world of gaming?

It’s a lovely white Christmas here. Well, maybe lovely isn’t exactly the word as all the snow has now been compacted down into lethal ice, woohoo! My trusty biker boot wellies have got me into work all the last week, so for once I was prepared for the long walk in the freezing cold. Enough about that though, have a picture of the outside and a random (slightly more personal than usual) Christmas update below.

I was actually awake at 6am this morning, I felt like such a little kid again! I was actually excited about Christmas! Money has been more than a bit tight so we knew there weren’t going to be mountains of presents, but hey, we’ve got a feast for dinner and plenty of booze to keep us going at least a few days!

Unfortunately no gaming gifts this year, but i’ve got all the games I want, and I don’t have enough room for any memorabilia any more. Too many figurines line my shelves as it is. This is what I did get though;

Vanilla Vokda, chocolates, socks and a shiny new hairdryer! The perfect combination!

A whole collection of things lavendar from my Aunt & Uncle who know how I struggle to sleep and relax. The Zebra even has little Lavendar scented beads in it that can be heated up so he’s like a giant lavendar scented hot water bottle!

You would think I have a reputation for liking alcohol. This will no doubt be devoured in no time at all.

And last but not least, a beautiful little Kimidoll/Momiji snowglobe from my best friend…being guarded by the Ninja I got for my birthday.

To keep things festive though, the desktop on my PC is being visited by someone special again. He comes bearing gifts, and is the only video game related thing about this post. Santa Sora!

See you in the new year with more updates, have a good one!


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