My Pokemans, let me show you them

So I promised everybody I would keep things up to date in the new year. I’ve failed a little bit haven’t I? Blame my job. I won’t go into details, but i’m busy in the worst possible way at the moment. I have found some time for gaming though!

For those living under a rock, these joyfull looking things are the starter Pokemon in the sparkly new Pokemon games on the DS. That’s right folks, this gamer girl has been playing Pokemon this week and reliving her childhood. It has been simply wonderful. I’m finding it significantly harder than previous games I do have to admit, but I am 11 years out of practice. That’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it! I’ve even found a statue of Pikachu in an early town to make the reminscing even more awesome. The only pain is that I can’t connect to the internet on my DS to access all the online content.

I did feel a little bit like a child again before I realised that a lot of gamers my age, and older, are doing exactly the same as me, and with no shame! I’ve even been taking my DS to work with me to get in some grinding sessions in my lunchbreaks. Nothing quite like office ridicule for playing a Pokemon game at the age of 21.

In stark contrast to the cuteness that is Pokemon however, when I find the time this weekend I shall be sinking my teeth into the new Dragon Age. I played the demo and loved it. Didn’t complete it but that’s because I simply didn’t have the time.

I didn’t really enjoy Dragon Age Origins that much, aside from Zevran and his sharp wit, but Dragon Age 2 looks a lot better, with definitely improved conversation mechanics and stunning graphics. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I want to be a bad guy, but every time I tell myself that I end up feeling guilty and being sickeningly nice to everybody. Time shall only tell. Maybe I can be the sarcastic one, just like I am in real life.


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