Addicted to Dragon Age 2

I had every intention to do an update about the Video Game BAFTA’s after they were on the other night. Unfortunately I have been stricken with an evil cold and have only had time to lie in bed and spend some quality time with my Xbox 360, and it’s all a little bit late now as I don’t doubt you have all seen the questionable winners and losers. I say unfortunately, but it has allowed me to get rather deep into Dragon Age 2, twice, with a third jaunt through Kirkwall hopefully happening next week assuming of course work and life doesn’t get in the way.

I’ve seen a lot of people having a bit of a whinge about how DA2 isn’t as good as DAO. I appear to be the only one who’s actually really enjoyed it! Even GamesTM, my favourite gaming magazine, only gave it a shoddy 6 out of 10. I should have my review up on TIMJ very soon though, so I will have my say.

I will say one thing quickly now though. I have really enjoyed the character development this time around. I won’t lie, i’ve whored my character out a little bit purely because I enjoy playing around with the game to see what it will do if I try and sleep with 4 people at once. It’s coped rather well!

My first conquest as a rogue was the rather broody Fenris. What can I say? I must have a thing for elves because Zhevran was the only character I cosied up to in DAO. I have also just wooed Anders (The Alistair equivalent in my eyes) as a warrior, so now all I need to do i woo Sebastien as a mage unless I feel like confusing Avelines sexuality or catching something nasty off Isabella.

What does everyone else think?


2 thoughts on “Addicted to Dragon Age 2

  1. And here I thought I was going to read about how much you’re enjoying the quests. But no, straight in with the sex and bedding you’re companions.

    Hmmm, you may have tempted me into getting this now. lol

    • Haha, the quests are good too! I’m just a sucker for characterisation, companion sexytimes included! Keep an eye out for my review and i’ll go into more depth then 😉

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