The allure of the racing game

I do not claim to know a single thing about cars, aside from the fact that some go faster than others and the expensive ones are usually quite pretty. Due to this lack of knowledge (and general overall lack of interest in the world of cars at all) I generally tend to avoid racing games for a multitude of reasons. 1. I can’t claim to understand a single thing about them and 2. I’m just not very good. I do however have a roaring appreciation for a fast car that looks rather sexy and can drift through a U Turn without a care in the world. I adore watching Top Gear when I remember it’s on, and the Fast & Furious films are counted among my favourites due to their mindless action scenes.

Gorgeous & powerful; do you need to know anything else?

Gorgeous & powerful; do you need to know anything else?

This, my dear readers, is why I purchased Need For Speed; Hot Pursuit upon recommendation from a friend. It is important to note my final reason for not being too into racing games though; It could become very expensive because once I get into a racing game, I always get a huge urge to go out & buy steering wheels, pedals & chairs. I don’t drive in real life, and have no desire to fail my test for a fourth time, but the feel of a fast car under my control via a steering peripheral is just magical. There are no arcade machines for me to play the stunning games on in my area, so the Xbox will have to do.

Who doesn't enjoy chasing criminals in a sexy car?

Who doesn't enjoy chasing criminals in a sexy car?

I’m rambling on now though. The point is, much like a previous post I made, that once more trying something new can be extremely rewarding. I have never felt so much adrenaline from playing a game. Playing The Prodigy through the Xbox whilst chasing criminals, evading spike strips & generally being chased at extreme speeds is a fantastic feeling, and one I feel as though I have been missing out on due to my general ‘Meh’ towards the racing genre. You don’t need to have an extensive knowledge of cars to enjoy games like this, you just need to appreciate the speed and the agility of the cars under your control. Call me an adrenaline junky, but heavy dance music + very fast driving = One happy gaming girl!

I am excited for the new Need For Speed even more now. I just hope it isn’t anything like Undercover because that, in my opinion, was trying far too hard to be like GTA (without the ability to venture out of your car & shoot people of course).


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