The summer dry spell

Well, all has been a little quiet my end recently hasn’t it? If you have been following my Twitter then you may have seen that I actually moved 140 miles up the country on the 15th and am still gradually settling in. Of course I have set up my gaming corner, but I haven’t brought anywhere near enough games with me in order to maintain a high enough level of amusement. This will be amended soon though.

Sadly it is that time of year though where game releases dry up and there seems to be nothing coming out of any remote interest (at least not to me). Alice Madness Returns has been released and I will definitely be getting my mitts on that, especially due to the original being bundled on the disc. I’m all for a bit of retro, and after playing both games at a friends I am very excited to get it. Also despite the fact that Duke Nukem got some horrible reviews, after playing the demo I will of course be purchasing that as soon as it comes down in price.

Aside from that? There isn’t really anything major coming out, so we officialy enter the summer drought. I suppose this means I shall be filling my time finshing off a load of old games, and replaying some old favourites. The best news I have heard about games though? Catherine will be getting a UK release! For those that don’t know, Catherine is a puzzle and action game from Atlus, the developers of the Persona series which I adore. Words do not describe my excitement.

Anyway, once things settle down properly up here a normal service will resume and I hope to be able to commit to regular features and rambles!


Ramble with me

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