The false advertisement of the female gamer

I told myself I would never write an article about this because I didn’t want to become a stereotypical, angry girl gamer.  However with the yearly explosion of video game expo’s and of course Comic-Con, booth babes and cosplayers have hardly been in short supply. It’s this time of year that all my favourite gaming sites seem to upload pages upon pages of semi naked ‘girl gamers’ and even the occasional podcast which is intended to provide sex and relationship advice to gamers from a well known porn star. While I really don’t mind it that much, where is all the news? Yes I know a couple of galleries is nice, but can we keep it a bit smaller please?

I like to think of myself as quite open minded about a lot of things, and it’s very rare for me to judge anyone or anything, but it’s things like the above that just really frustrate me sometimes. Sex and relationship advice from a porn star just seems patronizing to me regardless of gender. Ignoring the fact that I am a girl who plays games, not all gamers are nerds without a hope in hell of ever holding down a relationship, and we certainly don’t need advice on relationships from a porn star.

Really? That's just gross regardless of gender

Really? That's just gross regardless of gender

The games industry still is and I believe always will be an extremely male orientated industry despite the rise of female players across the world, so there will always be women in scantily clad attire donning the front covers of our games and also luring people in at expo booths. As you will have seen from my recent posts about Catherine as well, it’s not overt sexualisation in games themselves that annoys me, I’m all for a bit of sexy in my games, but the media enjoys fooling people into thinking this always reflects directly into real life. I’m sure there are some women out there who like to game in their underwear (Surely men do as well! Definitely not for me though) or a bikini, but that’s an entirely different argument. The other extreme of course though is the ‘gamer girl’ who is just as nerdy and apparently undesirable as her stereotyped male counterpart.

Not all of us female players are either hideous heffers or extremely buxom babes. We don’t all feel the need to lick video game controllers for attention, and we don’t all hide away in our rooms listening to grunge metal and creating false relationships in World of Warcraft. We are actually capable or being perfectly normal.

I’m not stupid, I know sex sells and that will never change, but it would be quite nice for the industry to give just a little more respect to their female consumers. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask, is it?

Feel free to shout if you think I’m totally wrong and unjustified.


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