Believe me, I am still alive…

A little Portal reference for you there. Well done if you got it, have a prize.

But yes, I am still here, I just haven’t had time to actually update anything on my blog due to life getting in the way. I am a poorly organised person anyway, but throw uni, new friends and relationships in general into the mix and you have a very busy gamer girl. So busy that I haven’t really had much time for gaming. My most recent purchase has been Deus Ex which I haven’t had time to engross myself in just yet. I’m jumping between this, music and university work right now.

But anyway, I am rambling more than usual now. Once I get some sort of balance, or just one day off from everything I have to do (Yeah, like that’s going to happen) then I will come back to this blog properly as I know there are people out there who read it, and are interested in my ramblings about nothing in particular.

I am unsure whether to buy Skyrim when it comes out due to lack of funds for such frivolous things, but I have a week off uni starting then so I could completely engross myself in it when not writing essays and articles. I am also still waiting to get my hands on RAGE and Dead Island as both are meant to be incredibly awesome. It’s tough being a student and a gamer, both aspects are important to keep on top of, but one always reigns supreme, and it’s normally not the one I want to either.

I am also thinking of branching this blog out a little bit. Since starting university I have come up with a lot of editorial ideas which I would like to finish and post. Not all are gaming related, but at the very least are media related. Plus I just don’t see that I will have the time to do full blog entries on games all the time. A blog re haul may be the way forward.

Oh, and yesterday was my birthday. I drank wine, ate junk food, watched a film and played games, what more could you want from a birthday? I received a PacMan tote bag which I wore with pride to university, a Moomin hot water bottle which I shall use tonight to keep the cold away, the collectors edition of my favorite Japanese bands new album and various bottles of wine. I’m sure people are trying to tell me something when they give me alcohol as a gift all the time.

I won’t promise to update this blog more often, because I can’t guarantee it, but I will certainly try as several people have already given me a push to keep on top of things a bit more.


Ramble with me

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