Gamer girl goes squee!

People either listen to me when I rant, or I have an uncanny ability to make things happen with my ramblings. I like to think it’s the latter so I can feel like I have magical like a mage from Final Fantasy.

Remember my previous blog post and my rant about not having Tiny Tower on Android? Well, the man in his infinitely awesome geekiness provided me with much happiness on Sunday night with the announcement that Tiny Tower had in fact made its way to Android. It was only right to have a bit of a spasm, make my way to the Android market place and download it as quickly as I possibly could. I didn’t think it was possible for me to make the noises of glee that I did, but the man can vouch for that as he was on the phone to me at the time.

He may look bored, but really he loves building endless towers.

After having just under 24 hours with Tiny Towers I can say I am in love. I have 7 floors, 10 bitizens and I’m trying not to get too addicted before Friday otherwise I will simply lose my soul to it and not do any uni work. It is truly awesome though, my favourite type of Sim game where I have to restock, sell things, restock, add more people etc. Yeah, you’ve got to wait around a lot and it will take a while to get going, but that’s not the point! Take all my battery power Tiny Tower, it’s yours for the taking.

On a different note though, I think I’ve decided I’m going to buy Skyrim on Friday as a reward to myself. Asking family about it and reading stuff about it online it does look really good. There appear to be a lot more Fallout mechanics in it than Oblivion, so I’m pretty much sold on that angle. I just want something to really immerse myself in, and I don’t really think there’s anything else out right now that will do it for me quite like Bethesda do. Plus I just wanna kill some dragons like a badass mofo.

I will end you.

A new Dragon Age game would be nice, so I can muck about with the character mechanics in that, but that’s gonna be a long time coming from EA I think.


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