Gadget Lust Satisifed

This post won’t contain anything gaming related as such, but more of a technology theme.

I went down to see the man on Wednesday and Thursday, and received a brand spanking new MP3 player in the form of a 160GB iPod Classic from him ❤ It took me ages to ponder over whether or not to ask him for an iPod Touch instead, but after many discussions it was decided if I got a Touch it would be like having two phones, it wouldn’t have anywhere near enough capacity on it, and I don’t even have wi-fi at home so it’s pointless. I’d love to have a Touch for the shiny factor, but I’d get bored of it soon as I’ve played around it before. Sure, it would have been nice to have a Touch so I could play the Kairosoft games I don’t have on Android, but the man has his iPhone so I can just play them on his phone.

Taken this out of the box and got all my music on it so far and a few videos, enjoying playing around with it. Keeping it in here for the time being to avoid getting it covered in scratches until I can get a case sometime next week.

My little collection of technology. My Zen is completely defunct now due to being run over by a car/dropped it so the screen is screwed and the battery life is crap. Thankfully the Classic has got far better battery life. Can throw some films on the Classic as well, couldn’t do that on the Zen because for some reason films wouldn’t play properly.

This is probably going to be my set up in bed when chilling out to some music or some films/anime. Need to transfer some anime later on and see if the subtitles are clear enough for me to read on my many train journeys.

Really impressed with the video quality on the Classic, the screen size is about the same as it was on my Zen, but the quality is so much better. It took a while to convert the videos earlier on, but it’s worth it being able to watch them on here, with perfect sound too.

So all in all a very happy gamer girl. Tried the games on it earlier, always wanted to try the iPod quiz and enjoyed that. Can’t for the life of me play the card game, but I’m sure I can get someone to teach me.

I have three weeks off uni now, so I need to revise and play some games. I wonder which order those will actually go in when I get down to it? Looking forward to being able to utilize my Gold membership when I go back down home and do some online gaming with the man. Might even buy some games I’ve been wanting for a while.

On a final note, very sad to hear about GAME and Gamestation going under, one more high street store that I won’t be able to browse in any more. Just hope that HMV isn’t next.


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