Finally catching up, as GAME falls behind

It’s the end of March, and I’m playing a game from November. On Monday I decided it would be a good idea to hop onto the train to the nearest town and see what on earth was going on with all this GAME/Gamestation malarkey. I was very surprised to see that the Gamestation in said town was already closed, so I spent about 30 minutes trying to find the GAME store. I won’t lie, I was going to see if I could get some bargain games; not because of them going into administration, but because I really had a craving for a game with plot. I worked at Woolworths right up until the store closed after being put into administration, so the last thing I want to do is turn into a vulture when so many people are losing their jobs. I failed miserably to find anything of any merit though. As much as a sympathise with all those losing their jobs, I can’t sympathise with a company who has failed me so many times in regards to stock.


Moving on from GAME’s failure (for me, personally), I decided to have an adventure into a store that I never go into in Cheltenham for fear of food ridden discs; CEX. This place was excellent when it started, but it soon declined into a location for the less desirable who care less about their games, and more about the money. Regardless, I sucked up my pride, walked in and then swiftly walked out about £60 lighter. It goes without saying that whenever you buy a second hand game, you have to check the discs. I’m pretty anal about this, but all my discs were in moderately good condition. I managed to pick up Assassin’s Creed Revelations for £18, Darkness 2 for £22 and TLoZ; Skyward Sword for £20. I don’t mind getting second hand, and at that price I couldn’t argue.

I’ve been playing AC;Revelations since last night and have to say I really am enjoying it. The assassin missions have really improved since Brotherhood, giving it more of a feeling of community rather than a point and click system which left your assassins with no character whatsoever. I’m also really enjoying the defending of the towers. It was always a bit monotonous and boring in Brotherhood to take down the Borgia towers, and when I first realised I had to keep checking on my towers in Revelations to make sure they were still under my control, I have to admit I did huff a sigh of annoyance. I’m a massive fan of RTS though, so these little strategy bits that keep cropping up are actually really good fun. Sending units out, putting up barricades, firing cannons, it’s like Command & Conquer in Constantinople. I think Ezio is certainly ready to hang up his blades now though, so it will be interesting to see how this episode ends.

I’m hoping to get this finished before I go back home next Wednesday, so that my next post can be about my thoughts on Darkness 2 or Zelda. I’m still bitterly disappointed in Final Fantasy XIII-2. I’m sure my four year old cousin could come up with a far better plot, one that makes sense, and one that I can actually care about. Please stop disappointing me Squeenix, you’re making me sad.

To end on a positive note, I’ve finally been able to take my shiny new gadget out of the house thanks to a cheap and cheerful black silicone case arriving for it. So I’ve been strutting my stuff with my shiny iPod, no doubt blasting people away with my epic sound quality and generally enjoying having my music on the go. Good times for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Finally catching up, as GAME falls behind

  1. Where exactly are we going to be buying our new games these days then? I don’t like buying at supermarkets or HMV. Admittedly I’m ok at the mo because I’m occupied with Mass Effect 3.

      • I like to rummage through a store. Was very disappointed when Gamestation stopped doing retro. Amazon can bugger off. Have to find me a nice independent shop.

      • I remember we used to have a store called Pink Planet years ago, they were great but then they went under. I love sifting through the games on the shelf but can’t see it happening for much longer.

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