Early start to summer

Yesterday was my very last seminar class, and the end of my first year at uni. It seems terrifying that I started in the middle of September last year, and now in the middle of April I am finished, bar an exam next month. I’ve learnt a lot, but also been left quite frustrated by people telling me I need to think outside the box and branch out a bit more. My passion is in video games. I am good at writing about them because of that passion. But we shall see what the next year holds.

Onto the gaming. This month has been a bit of a slow one gaming wise for me, but I’ve played a couple of good ones. I seem to keep getting lucky with my purchases.

Cafeteria Nipponica

I bet everyone on here is sick of me talking about my love and adoration for all things Kairosoft, but until they hand in the towel and stop developing games then I’m not going to stop.

I never thought that as an Android user I would ever really get decent games on my phone. When I first got my Samsung Galaxy S I was amused by the little games I could get for it, but none of them really had the ‘WOW’ factor that the majority of iPhone games do. Now I have 9 Kairosoft games on my phone, a couple of really good quality EA games such as Dead Space, with some space for some of the simpler games.

I’m rambling now though. This is meant to be about Cafe Nipponica, the latest translated Kairosoft game for Android users. I’ll admit it straight away, I was addicted to Cafe World and Restaurant Story on Facebook a couple of years back. My love for simulation and building things got the better of me. Cafe Nipponica has partially rekindled this love. It’s not the best Kairosoft game by any means, as it can be fiendishly difficult to actually achieve anything for quite a while, but it’s good fun nonetheless, and there is definitely some replay value in it. I’m just waiting now for the Japanese version of Pocket Academy 2 that’s lurking on the Android store to be translated *rubs hands together*.


I bought this game as a reward to myself after I had finished a test last Wednesday. I rung my Dad up, and asked him to recommend me a game I would like, that had plot, and that I hadn’t played. I’m quite picky when it comes to my games sometimes, so that was quite a difficult one to answer, but he replied with Singularity. I was sold on the fact that it was a little bit like Bioshock. When it started to play it, it was VERY Bioshock, but stands well on its own.

I was wow’ed by the first few hours, until I got stuck and the game refused to give me a gun or any ammo for the hoard of enemies that were running towards me. There are only so many times you can die before you realise it is utterly hopeless. So I started it all over again. I thought this would have put me off, but it didn’t. I plowed through it, realising that I had left all my weapons in the weapon locker (blond moment, I know).

If you want a short, but enjoyable supernatural FPS then give Singularity a bash. I picked it up for £10 pre-owned and it was certainly worth it.

I’ve also been feeling retro. I brought my PS2 with me when I moved and a select few JRPGs. I decided to have another bash at Legaia 2; Duel Saga, a brilliant little JRPG from 2002. Clunky movements and cheesy voice acting abound, and it’s still as brilliant as it was the first time I played it. I may flit in between that and the Persona games as I really think to finish Persona 3 FES, and Persona 4 at some point.


4 thoughts on “Early start to summer

  1. I am a hardcore gamer myself. But I got to admit that I love Kairosofts games. I dont like most of the games on my android phone. I guess its a lot of good manga RPGs, but my fingers are to big for those action games:) I cant see what happens on the screen. It`s like playing blindfolded:)

    I agree that maybe Cafe Nippon was a bit hard, but I still think its a great game. It reminds me much of and game from the early 90s called Pizza Tycoon. Ever play that one? Ah, those memories:)

    Anyways.. what are your favourite Kairo game?

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I’ve never played Pizza Tycoon, but I’ve played a lot of restaurant simulation games in my time, and simulation/management games in general.

      My favourite Kairosoft game? Oh God, that’s a difficult one. Going off replay I’ve got to say that Pocket Academy is my favourite at the moment. Mega Mall Story was also a lot of fun, I’ve played that so many times. My least favourite would have to be World Cruise Story though. It just seems more like a chore than a game to me.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Bought Pocket Academy yesterday. It seems like it have the same good standard as the other games from Kairosoft. I am bit of a noob. I have only tried 4 of the games; Game Dev, Grand Prix, Pocket League and Cafe Nippon. I think my favourite must be Game Dev Story. Easy and addicting. Pick up and play:)
    What other games do you like to play on PC and Xbox?

    • I don’t really do PC gaming. My Computer which isn’t with me at the moment I only really use for The Sims 3, and I don’t play any games on my Macbook Pro. In terms of Xbox games, I don’t even know where to begin! I like my JRPG’s, and supernatural FPS’. Got a few fighting games, and some action. I can’t really narrow it down to a select few!

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