The new Hitman Absolution trailer

That’s right, I’m jumping on the band wagon and offering my two cents on this. Before I start I’ve never played a Hitman game so I can’t comment on the franchise overall, this is just my view on the trailer and nothing else.  This is my personal view on sex and violence in video games, and I neither condone nor disagree with it.

Now, I think I’ve had a bit of a rant about violence and sex in games before. For me, I don’t care how much there is of either. I’m a 22 year old female, I’m big enough and ugly enough to witness highly sexualised imagery, and highly violent imagery. Put me in front of a Hostel or Saw film and I’ll sit on the edge of my seat with glee and the occasional ‘Ew! Gross!’ as I witness someones eye removed with a flame torch. It doesn’t bother me. It bothers me even less in games because I know that it’s all CG imagery. Show some boob, show someone having their arm hacked off, I really don’t care.

The problem with this new Hitman trailer is that it apparently portrays violence towards women, and even goes as far to sexualise it. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it features the man himself, and a sudden crew of murderous nuns. Now to me that just sounds silly; and it is. A bunch of nuns walking up to a motel room with an RPG, stripping down into bondage gear and shooting the place up. That’s just downright ridiculous on so many levels. Yes it’s tacky, yes it’s really not the done thing, but do you know what? Maybe Square Enix wanted the public to react the way they have. Creating a load of hype, even if it is bad hype, just before E3? Well that doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. As soon as the media catches a whiff of this then it’s going to be all over the news, giving it free advertisement, and who doesn’t like free advertisement?

While I don’t necesarily agree with the fact that Square Enix have decided to go down this rather shocking route, I don’t agree with all the criticism it’s getting. Yeah, so it’s not like the rest of the Hitman series, but it’s certainly going to stick in your head now. In fact, when it comes out and you see it in your local store you’re probably going to think ‘Hey, wasn’t this the game that had those nuns in the trailer?’ and you’re probably going to end up buying it.

Casual crotch shot...

Casual crotch shot…

Games like DoA have the most ridiculously large boobs in the whole of the gaming world, complete with anti gravity mechanics. It’s not as graphic as the trailer, but there are still scantily clad women kicking each other in on your screen, and they are not shy about advertising it. Also, take Bayonetta. That is one ridiculous game. I mean, her hair is her outfit, and she strips down at any occasion possible to beat up some monster with her hair, while she stands naked the entire time. In the GTA games you can pick up a prostitute, have sex with her, bludgeon her to death, dump her body and loot her. None of the above is socially acceptable in the real world, but in the game world it doesn’t really matter.

Yeah, that's not provocative at all...

Yeah, that’s not provocative at all…

Of course young children should not be exposed to this trailer, especially since this is an 18 rated game, and I assume the trailer is rated 18 as well. The problem is, you cannot guarantee that a child isn’t going to see this. Even with proper parental controls in place it’s so easy to type in a false date of birth and off you go, Hitman Absolution emblazoned across your computer screen. Unfortunately this is what we get in the modern era. No doubt a load of parents are going to kick off about how evil video games are now, and we’re just going to have another massive video game controversy on our hands which isn’t good, but that’s the only problem I see here.

I’ve been informed that apparently the trailer shows very little of what the franchise is actually about. I highly doubt that the game is going to focus on a group of insane gun toting nuns, so yes, its stupid for Square Enix to push this trailer. Yes it’s violent, and yes it’s very sexist. Yes, they could have tackled it a little more maturely, but come on people, it’s only a video game. If you want to see the trailer I’m sure it’s on YouTube, I won’t be posting it on here.

What does everyone else think of the trailer?


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