E3 2012 Live Blog

Even though I spend every E3 sat in front of a computer or laptop screen instead of being in LA, there is a certain excitement surrounding it. I dedicate my time to sitting through all of the conferences and taking notes on all of them. The past few years I have been a little bit disappointed. There hasn’t really been anything that has made me go ‘Wow! That’s amazing!’. In fact, last year I was more angry than disappointed with what was provided at E3. Too much motion control, not enough classic gaming for my liking. I know for a fact that Nintendo are going to be focusing solely on the Wii-U which personally, I am not too fussed about. I really hope that Microsoft go back to basics as their complete and utter Kinect-gasm last year was just boring. Sony? Well, at least they don’t have to apologise for anything this time. I think Sony are just going to showcase all the new exclusives, and maybe only touch upon the ultimately failing PSMove.

Anyway, it’s nearly time for it all to begin, and for the next two days I’ll be updating this blog post with everything E3. I will be updating as each new point is made. I will bullet point the good points, and the bad points of each conference. Some of it will make no sense, but I will be updating this LIVE.

Microsoft Conference 17:30 GMT

Highlights – What I like

  • Halo live action trailer.
  • Stunning CGI mixed with live action.
  • Halo 4 live demo shown.
  • New AI enemies.
  • Straight into some sort of boss fight with unknown AI enemy featuring new weaponry.
  • Deeper into the story of Cortana.
  • Xbox no.1 selling console worldwide this year.
  • Still selling the Xbox as an entertainment system, not just a gaming console.
  • New Tom Clancy game trailer – Splinter Cell; Blacklist.
  • Making good use of the execution mechanic from last Splinter Cell game.
  • Uses Kinect voice recognition to lure enemies towards you.
  • Single player, co-op, spies vs mercs, ships Spring 2013.
  • Beautiful Forza trailer with beautiful cars and beautiful scenery – And a bit of Dub Step!
  • Forza horizon – Looks more like a racing game than a simulation – October 23rd 2012.
  • Nickelodeon coming to Xbox.
  • Paramount movies coming to Xbox.
  • Machinima coming to Xbox.
  • Xbox Music – 30 million music tracks – Share, enjoy and discover new music.
  • Microsoft’s answer to iTunes/Spotify – Unsure if good or bad.
  • Xbox SmartGlass – Synchs Xbox, tablet & smartphones.
  • Watch a film on a tablet, watch the rest of it on the Xbox from the same point.
  • Provides extra information on your phone/tablet when watching TV or playing games.
  • Live demo from new Tomb Raider – Beautiful graphics and impressive movement and weapon mechanics.
  • A much more mature and grittier Lara Croft.
  • First DLC for Tomb Raider available as an exclusive on Xbox 360.
  • Signal Studios – Ascend New Gods coming 2013.
  • Mediocre graphics but looks like an interesting concept.
  • LocoCycle by TwistedPixel coming 2013.
  • Gore Verbinksi – Matter – Looks like Portal – Made for Kinect – Coming 2013.
  • Resident Evil 6 live demo – Back to the story of Leon.
  • Graphics not looking as good as RE5 – Set in Raccoon City again?
  • Some impressive hand to hand combat moves.
  • A lot of QTE – Could be good if used properly.
  • South Park avatar/Kinect RPG style game. The Stick of Truth.
  • BLOPS 2 – Looks stunning, quite futuristic though – Looks VERY impressive.  November 13th 2012 release.

Lowlights – What I don’t like

  • Madden NFL& Fifa improved with Kinect.
  • Fifa – Can sub players with Kinect – Removes menus.
  • Recognises swearing and referee gives you a yellow card.
  • Joe Montana to showcase Madden NFL 13 – August 28th release.
  • Relies on voice commands for player changes and game initiation.
  • Fable The Journey – First person Fable with Kinect – Still not entirely convinced by this.
  • New Gears of War Judgement – Stunning trailer but not to my interest – 2013 release.
  • Still pimping Bing on Xbox with Kinect voice recognition for film genre search.
  • Multi lingual Bing search – Adding another 11 countries to Bing on Xbox.
  • MLB, NHL & NBA coming to Xbox live.
  • Improve ESPN coverage.
  • More lazy Kinect voice recognition things for sports apps on Xbox live.
  • More Kinect fitness rubbish – Nike teamed with Microsoft.
  • Nike+ Kinect Training – Monitors body movement.
  • Reminders on your phone every time you’re due for a workout.
  • Work out with people all over the world – Challenge them with your fitness.
  • Get “athlete” fit – Skeptical.
  • IE coming to Xbox – Launching Fall 2012.
  • Control with voice commands and gestures – Cool but pointless.
  • Xbox SmartGlass coming to Windows 8.
  • Wreckateer – Kinect Arcade game – Fire cannon balls at castles – Coming summer 2012.
  • WTF USHER?! Dance Central 3 which no one cares about!

EA Conference 21:00 GMT

Highlights – What I like

  • 10 spectacular games.
  • DEAD SPACE 3 – Looks more action packed.
  • Single player and co-op.
  • Live co op demo – Dark and gruesome as expected.
  • Co-op doesn’t actually remove the fear factor like I had thought.
  • Action packed demo, but hopefully all of the game isn’t quite so dramatic.
  • Still genuinely terrifying – February 2013.
  • Maxis Sim City Social coming to Facebook – Bit of a cash in, but a good idea.
  • Turning the God genre into more of a social game – Coming in a few weeks time.
  • New Sim City for the PC – Glassbox simulation engine.
  • Much more immersive simulation experience – Can get closer to the world you’re building.
  • New Sim City has multiplayer – Online play with others where your decisions affect other worlds.
  • Sim City coming February 2013.
  • Star Wars Old Republic – New game modes, species, difficulty settings, increased levels caps, new planet.
  • Can play up to level 15 for free.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted by Criterion – If this is anything like Hot Pursuit, then this is a must buy.
  • Open world driving game – Compete to become most wanted.
  • Earn speed points to rise up the most wanted list.
  • Live demo – Dramatic crashes, extreme speed, high action and destruction – October 30th release.
  • Crytek – Crysis 3 – Released February 2013.

Lowlights -What I don’t like

  • Madden NFL 13 – One for the sports fans.
  • Infinity engine for improved sports mechanics – Connected careers.
  • Virtual Twitter feed in game – Pointless.
  • Battlefield 3 Premium – Digital Membership – Exclusive DLC. $49 fee.
  • BF3 New assignments and game modes.
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter – Live demo – Looks good, just not interested in it.
  • MoH;W looks like a generic shooter – Overly long demo with generic setting.
  • Frostbite 2 Engine YAY EXPLOSIONS for MoH;W.
  • Pimping Fifa Football club – Carry over data from Fifa 12 to Fifa 13.
  • UFC again.

Ubisoft Conference 23:00 GMT

Highlights – What I like

  • Far Cry 3  – Sudden boobs?
  • Showcased on PS3 – Excellent water graphics, controls look smooth.
  • Action packed live demo with luscious scenery and some rather strong language.
  • Far Cry 3 goes a little bit trippy in the demo – I approve.
  • Freedom to explore the world to your hearts content; a massive amount of islands for you to explore in single player.
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist mentioned again – Showing a trailer instead of a live demo – Looks interesting and graphically stunning.
  • Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth game announced – Looks like a very mature comic style game – Fall 2012 release.
  • Rayman looks completely insane, but I would only purchase on the cheap for some fun.
  • Rayman is a launch title for the Wii-U.
  • Zombie Apocalypse game – Looks very graphic, clever and emotional trailer.
  • Zombi-U looks incredible – Exclusive for Wii-U – Would like to see in action first.
  • Wii-U & Ubisoft showcase; Rabbids, YourShape, Just Dance 4, Mario Kart.
  • Assassins Creed 3. – Explore American history.
  • A definite change in pace for the AC franchise, looks to be interesting.
  • Fabulous trailer for AC3, finally another character, another time, and another tale.
  • Live demo for AC3 on PS3 as well – Improved free running mechanics – Can jump to more places by the looks of it.
  • Horse riding is back in Ac3.
  • AC3 looks AMAZING – Seasons change, many different locations to explore.
  • New Ubisoft project – CTOS.
  • CTOS looks interesting, a bit confused as to what it actually is though at the moment.
  • Looks like some form of GTA type action game so far.
  • You have the ability to hack peoples mobile devices – Very gritty setting and concept.
  • Ability to hack into peoples conversations and personal details.
  • Ability to control traffic lights, jam train signals etc. Looks fantastic.
  • Name is Watch Dogs.

Lowlights – What I don’t like

  • Just Dance 4 to open.
  • DAFUQ? Getting a load of games journos to dance and wave their hands in the air.
  • Flo Rida – Just no.
  • Aisha Tyler to host – Who?
  • Tobuscus – Co-host.
  • Rayman Legends showcased on the Wii-U.
  • Not sold on the controller for the Wii-U – Looks like another touch gimmick.
  • Utilises co-op combos – Can play with up to five players.
  • Rayman looks awesome, but still not sure about the controls. Could be fun, but also frustrating.
  • Tobuscus is irritating.
  • Shootmania tournament featuring boobs and nerds.
  • eSports – Not sure about this. Looks a bit dull.
  • Shootmania looks bad graphically and ultimately boring in its gameplay.

Sony Conference 02:00 GMT

Highlights – What I like

  • Opening with typical Sony showmanship – Montage of games and hardware.
  • Sony still trying to appeal to the hardcore gamer.
  • Jack Tretton is one of the best conference hosts.
  • Paying a tribute to the gamers.
  • Completely new IP from Heavy Rain devs Quantic Dream – Beyond; Two Souls.
  • Game based on the concept of life after death?
  • Beyond told over a period of 15 years – Witness the life of the main character. Go through good and bad times with her.
  • Lead actress for Jodie Holmes is Ellen Page.
  • Game runs in real time.
  • Using amazing CGI techniques to bring characters to life. Jodie looks like Ellen Page, characters move convincingly.
  • Supernatural happenings around Jodie.
  • Beyond looks fantastic, but no gameplay shown as yet. Game changes depending upon decisions made.
  • Playstation All Stars Battle Royale – Looks like a very eclectic and interesting fighter – Available for Vita and cross compatible with PS3.
  • Can host a multiplayer game on PS3 and Vita at the same time.
  • Looks like Super Smash Bros, which could be a bad thing when it comes to release.
  • More immersive than SSB.
  • Two surprise characters; Drake from Uncharted and BIG DADDY OH MY GOD AWESOME.
  • New cross controller DLC for LBP2. Vita = Enhanced controller for PS3. New story mode, new costumes, stickers etc.
  • The Unfinished Swan.
  • Playstation Plus amplified with free games – DL 12 fantastic games in North America this month – LBP2 etc.
  • Members of the audience receive a free year of PlayStation Plus WOW.
  • PSOne Classics coming to the PSVita – Tomb Raider & Final Fantasy etc.
  • YouTube, Hulu Plus & Crackle coming to Vita.
  • Music Unlimited – Songs to stream on countless devices.
  • CoD BLOPS Declassified on the PS Vita.
  • Assassins Creed on the PS Vita – Female assassin – Assassins Creed III Liberation – Release October 30th.
  • ACIII;L special edition comes with Crystal white PSVita.
  • ACIII coming to PS3.
  • ACIII to feature sea battles – Control boat navigation and cannons.
  • Sea battles look intense and fun.
  • ACIII ships with a new bundle – PS3, controller, game and exclusive DLC.
  • Far Cry 3 – Four player co-op – PS3 players get exclusive DLC.
  • PlayStation Suite coming to Android phones and tablets.
  • PlayStation certified phones – HTC first non Sony PlayStation partner for PS Suite.
  • PlayStation Suite = PlayStation Mobile.
  • New God of War – Gory, action packed and ridiculous; just the way we like it.
  • QTE’s that God of War is known for.
  • Can turn back time and rebuild things that were broken in battle.
  • God of War Ascension March 12th 2013
  • The Last of Us – Survival genre.

Lowlights – What I don’t like

  • PSMove talk.
  • Wonderbook for PS3.
  • Uses augmented reality technology.
  • Digs Nightcrawler – Detective story inspire by film noir.
  • Working with JK Rowling – One for the nerds.
  • Book of Spells – First title to be published for Wonderbook – Work with JK Rowling.
  • Comes to life as you read – Cast spells with the PSMove as it becomes your ‘wand’ – Unsure if want.
  • Demo of Book of Spells – Interesting to see how this works!
  • Clever idea, but looks like a gimmick.
  • Wonderbook coming Fall 2012.

Nintendo Conference 17:00 GMT

Highlights – What I like

  • Shigsy to open the show! Talking about Pikmin.
  • Six years since Wii launch.
  • Looks to be very Wii-U-centric.
  • Wii-U boasts lack of TV – New games system has dedicated screen.
  • Wii-U first dedicated personal screen.
  • Do not need to use the TV to use Wii-U – Multi tasking console use.
  • Pikmin 3 announced.
  • Wii-U has enhanced resolution.
  • New Rock Pikmin announced.
  • Can use Wiimote & nunchuck as well as Wii-U to control the game.
  • Shigsy is awesome, Reggie takes the stage.
  • 23 Wii-U titles on stage.
  • Wii-U integrates second screen – Changes gaming, social and changes TV enjoyment.
  • Netflix, YouTube & Amazon Video on Wii-U.
  • Asymmetric gameplay.
  • Wii-U hardware supports two different game pads.
  • Wii-U game pad can be used with fingers or included stylus. Trigger buttons on the back of the pad.
  • Gyroscope and inbuilt rumble feature.
  • Software apps for mic and video apps.
  • Draw your own images for interaction – Share screen shots from the game you’re playing.
  • Join Miiverse from 3DS, smart phone etc.
  • Super Mario Bros U.
  • SMBU is social.
  • Classic Mario game, but ‘better’.
  • Can be played in TV and Wii-U game pad.
  • Batman Arkham City – Armored Edition for the Wii-U.
  • Utilise the Wii-U game pad to get more in depth with the game.
  • Activate B.A.T mode with the Wii-U pad.
  • Scribblenauts to Wii-U home console.
  • Darksiders 2.
  • Mass Effect 3.
  • Tank! Tank! Tank!
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Trine 2 Directors Cut,
  • Ninja Gaiden 2.
  • Aliens Colonal Marines.
  •  Sing  for Wii-U – Gamepad displays lyrics, dance along and sing along.
  • New paper Mario.
  • Third party line-up; Castlevaina, Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts Unlimitesd, KH3D; Dream Drop Distance.
  • Lego City to Wii-U using Wii game pad.
  • Lego has gone GTA/LA Noire style.
  • More Zombi-U. – Control the game using the Wii-U game pad – ‘All in one survival kit’
  • Can turn yourself into a zombie using the Wii-U camera.
  • NintendoLand – Virtual themepark for the Wii-U game pad.
  • The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Luigi – Some of the best selling Nintendo franchises.
  • Luigi’s mansion multiplayer.

Lowlights – What I don’t like

  • Wii-U to improve upon fitness genre.
  • 43 million copies of Wii fit & Wii Fit Plus sold worldwide.
  • Wii Fit U – Still pimping use of the Wii Fit board.
  • New Nintendo 3DS games.
  • 2D Super Mario for 3DS.
  • August 19th 2012 New Super Mario Bros.
  • New Luigi game on 3DS.
  • Just Dance 4 – Can change choreography during game on the Wii-U.
  • Luigis mansion demo too long.
  • Nintendo Land launches at same time as new Wii-U hardware.

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