It’s oh…so…quiet…

It’s a little quiet on the gaming front for me at the moment. It’s only been over the past two days that I’ve had access to the internet on my consoles, so I have clearly struggled for the last year to get excited over any DLC, Arcade release or demo on the PSN/XBLA. It’s funny though, because it’s taken so long for me to get online there isn’t really anything I want from either online marketplace at the moment. I suppose the only game I really want is the port of Legend of Dragoon on the PSN, but as always it’s only available on the US PSN and not the UK. Not gonna lie, a little bit annoyed with that, but what can you do?

The Secret World looks very dark, but I don't the time or money to dedicate to it

The Secret World looks very dark, but I don’t the time or money to dedicate to it

It is unfortunately that time of year when the games industry starts to slow down, and nothing is really being released until we get into September/October time again. The Secret World is being released very soon, but I’m not even sure I want to play that as it will take up a lot of time, and a lot of internet usage. Aside from that, it looks like Persona 4 Arena is being released at the beginning of August which I’m intrigued by. Also, Sleeping Dogs which is being released a week later looks like an interesting combination of a lot of game genres, so I’ll just have to see if Square Enix can pull that one off.

A cheerleader with a chainsaw? What isn’t there to love?

Of the games that are out at the moment, I am intrigued by Lollipop Chainsaw based purely on how ridiculous it looks. It looks fun, silly, and brutal; all things which I love. Unfortunately that’s about it until the bigger released in September. I can’t wait for Borderlands 2, and there’s a few RPGs coming out that I would like to sink my teeth into. I think this summer is going be filled with old games and replays for achievements, unless something comes along that takes me by surprise.


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