Classic VS Modern…FIGHT!

It’s been a week of classic and modern gaming for me, not just in my own personal gaming experiences, but also in the news. I’ve bought an old and a new game for a total of £7, and my two biggest news stories have involved a new game and a classic favourite of mine.

Lets start with my most recent purchases. Wild Arms is a PsOne Classic on the PSN that I snapped up for £3.99 earlier this week. Anyone who knows my love for JRPGs will appreciate why I just had to have this. I’m going to attempt to write a retro review of it when I’ve finished, but I’m only about 10 hours into it at the moment. Anyway, it’s a really good classic JRPG, and I remember my parents playing the Wild Arms series when I was much younger, so I never really dipped my toes into it. I’m glad I spent the money though as it gives a real sense of nostalgia and joy being able to play a sprite animated, turn based, “oh my God the world is ending!” style game for the first time in a while. The story isn’t really anything to write home about (yet), but it’s entertaining nonetheless to pass the time with.

Don't judge Wild Arms by its graphics alone

Don’t judge Wild Arms by its graphics alone

There is also a new Kairosoft game on the Android store which I discovered at 2AM on Wednesday morning. Needless to say, £2.99 and several hours later I was very tired, but it was so worth it. The latest sim-style gem from Kairosoft is called The Sushi Spinnery, and lets you take control of a new Sushi-belt restaurant. Yes it’s pretty much the same concept as every other Kairosoft game, but that’s not the point. They’re fun, they have different things to do in each one, and well, I just love sushi. Playing this game did make me want to go and make some sushi, so if sales of nori sheets and sushi rice suddenly increase over the next week or so I won’t be surprised.

Persona 4 Arena looks stylish and well thought out

Persona 4 Arena looks stylish and well thought out

Now we move onto the news that excited me;  Persona 4 Arena on X360 and PS3. Of course I’ve known about the game for a while, but new videos have surfaced, and it looks amazing. I’m a massive fan of the Persona series, but I was a little scepitcal about this when it was first announced, but I have to say it’s looking pretty awesome now. I love that they have included characters from Persona 3, and watching some of the videos from it the battle system looks completely insane. It’s oh so Japanese, and that makes it even better. Aigis suddenly pulling giant guns out of nowhere, and Mitsuru casting Mabufu on an unsuspecting enemy. I need this in my life.

On a final note, there has been something in gaming news that doesn’t so much excite me, but I do have my own thoughts on it; Final Fantasy VII re release on PC. Now, everyone knows I love Final Fantasy VII more than any other game on the planet, but I’ve always been dead set against any sort of remake of it. I was even a little iffy about Advent Children because of it clearly having voice acting int it, but they pulled it off quite well. This PC re release isn’t a remake though, it’s exactly what it says on the tin; a straight re release of a game that’s already available on PC. Admittedly the original is probably not able to run on current Windows systems, but it still seems kind of pointless to me. I still have my original PSOne copy from 1997, and if I really wanted to I could download it onto my PS3 or PSP. I just don’t see point in the straight re release when they’re not even offering much in the way of new content either. They are including something to boost your stats to the max which to me is just cheating. FFVII is not a difficult game to level up in. As long as you know the best place to go and level up in then you’re sorted. There is no challenge in a game that allows you reach level 99 straight away.

Please stop cashing in Squeenix

Please stop cashing in Squeenix

I guess it’s just me but I’d rather they left FFVII on it’s pedestal and stopped bringing it down to cash in on it.


4 thoughts on “Classic VS Modern…FIGHT!

  1. The problem with the FFVII thing is that they recently said they weren’t going to do a proper remake until they had made a game that was just as good. I don’t think they can anymore because Square has kind of lost it’s ability to make a good story and characters we’re interested in. More often than not they’re just copies of older characters. Even some of the ones in VII were like this.

    • If their releases since FFX are anything to go by, then that game that’s just as good is a very long way away. in my opinion, they’re trying to broaden the fanbase a bit too much. They should have stuck to what they knew, not what they thought the rest of the gaming public wanted.

      • Well the MMORPG they did for 11 was something that they shouldn’t have done but I think they wanted something like WOW because it was soaking up the cash. They shouldn’t have made the shift from map screen based games to the ones like they have in 10 and 12 either, it just loses something when you don’t have that. They also shouldn’t have changed the fighting style as much as they have. I know it can be cool, but I think more when into that than the game.

      • I think they’ve just removed everything that made a Final Fantasy game. There’s no exploration, there’s no wandering around on the world map, there’s no airships, there’s no epic summon spells. It’s just not magical anymore.

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