Sit the hell down

This is an off-topic ramble, but one I feel the need to vent out; Leaving the cinema before the credits have finished.  

I went to the cinema to watch Ice Age; Continental Drift the other day and as usual this one little thing enraged me.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always stay in my seat at the cinema until the end of the credits. Why? Because sometimes there is a little something extra at the end, plus it’s just respectful to those that put so much effort into the film you just watched. I’ve watched credits where the actors names have been changed to reflect the comedy of the film; genius.

An employee at the cinema, who clearly wanted me to leave, once told me; ‘There’s nothing at the end, you’re wasting your time’. Well, sorry for getting the most for my money. Thank you also for shattering my film illusion. I don’t want to know if there is or isn’t anything at the end of the film, I want to be surprised. I won’t be disappointed if there isn’t anything, I just want to know.

A long list of very important names

A long list of very important names

I always find myself to the be the last person left in the cinema, surrounded by irritated employees who just want to sweep up the popcorn left by other inconsiderate viewers (These people? I dislike them too, but that’s another post). While I was studying Film Studies for my A Levels, I remember our teacher forcing us to watch the credits, and only the credits, to the remake of King Kong. Again, why? So that we could appreciate and understand exactly how many people are involved in making such a long and expensive film. I had always watched the credits before, but this made me want to enforce it even more with my friends and family.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather watch the intricately drawn credits on a kid’s film and find out for myself who voiced my favourite character, than sit at home alone on IMDB looking it up. It’s all part of the experience people. You don’t leave a party before the cake has been dished out, so why leave a film when the credits are rolling?

Going to the cinema is expensive, get the most for your money

Going to the cinema is expensive, get the most out of your money

Perhaps the next time everyone gets up the second the credits start rolling, I’ll stand on my seat and tell everyone to sit the hell back down and appreciate what they just pleasured their retinas with.


4 thoughts on “Sit the hell down

  1. I also stay till the end of the credits, if nothing else than for respect. Just like you, I learned this from my film studies classes. I also like it because you can sit and think about the story, and be caught up in the magic of cinema for just a bit longer.

  2. This is a great point. And I think it’s catching on! A few years ago, I went to the movies every weekend and the vast majority of the audience left as soon as the credits started rolling. Nowadays, most people seem to stay in their seats for at least part of the credits, at least that I’ve noticed. (Those that jump up to leave have to awkwardly climb over the respectful sitters, which is always a little funny… if disruptive.) Anyway, it’s a start. Nice post! =)

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