Plodding along

I disappeared again didn’t I? Well, I went back to my home town last week for a quick visit to the family before I started uni again. I was going to do a post on my top 5(ish) video game songs last week, but Firefox on windows decided it didn’t want to play YouTube videos, so that idea was out of the window. I hope to get that one posted within the next week now that I’m back on my Mac.

I suppose this is more of a ‘what have I been playing?’ update more than anything else because I’ve been away. So here goes;

I decided to download Final Fantasy VII on my PSP before I went away so I could play it on the train. I didn’t really end up playing it at all, but I did play it quite a bit before I went away. It’s weird that I first played that game 15 years ago, and now I can play it on the move. It was such a wonderful nostalgia trip for me, FFVII being my very first video game. I didn’t even play it while I way away though, I was too busy playing another one of my all time favourites;

Ahhh, blissful nostalgia

Ahhh, blissful nostalgia

The Sims 3. I’ve had all the Sims games, including their expansions since the beginning. I love them. I love playing God, I love creating Sims, and I love building massive houses that my Sims will never be able to afford unless I use the money cheat. Yes, I love The Sims. I probably spent a good couple of days playing through various different Sim families I had created, as well as spending hours on building mansions. I don’t have all the expansions for The Sims 3 yet, but that’s only because I haven’t been where my PC is in order to play it, and of course university (and the Xbox) is far more important and interesting.

There's nothing quite like a Sim family

There’s nothing quite like a Sim family

Aside from that, I’ve been playing Risen 2 Dark Waters for Megabits of Gaming, so my review of that should be up pretty soon. I won’t reveal anything about it on here, I shall only say that I did a 6 hour sessions today and although it was initially frustrating, I enjoyed it in the end. I shall also be re-posting some of my features I have written for them soon, so keep an eye out for them.

The only game I have on pre-order is, as mentioned before, Persona 4 Arena. Very much looking forward to that, and hoping that will arrive at the beginning of next week. As much as I want to pre-order Borderlands 2 I simply don’t have the money, nor would I have the time before starting university again properly.

Finally, I have been nominated for an award by Ninety Nine Percent Gaming which I’m pretty happy about, so thanks! Apparently I need to nominate 15 blogs that I admire, but I don’t really follow 15 blogs so I might need a bit of time before I get to that.

Until next time.


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