The end of the drought

I’ve gone quiet again, but simply because I’ve actually been having an enjoyable end to my summer. After losing my job in July I’ve been scrimping every penny and not really going anywhere so I could have a nice week with my boyfriend before going back to uni. It was tough, but I did it and I feel so much better after having a week of eating out pretty much every night, and general geekery. I managed to acquire some new shoes (Converse All Star), and a rather shiny Limited Edition box set of the Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) anime from the boyfriend too, so all in all it was a good week.

Anyway, onto the gaming. The summer of drought is finally nearing its end, and I really haven’t done much gaming at all. I spent a lot of time the past few weeks playing Oh! Edo Towns and Venture Towns on my phone as they had just come to Android. I really enjoyed them both but they Venture Towns was especially difficult to progress on my initial play through. I’ve played both several times though, and I adore building games so I was so addicted. I think one day last week I was sat in bed with the boyfriend playing Venture Towns, as he played GT5 on the PS3. Ah, two geeks gaming together.

Moving on, I was deeply disappointed and rather annoyed that Persona 4 Arena was delayed without me even being informed by Amazon. Instead I was merely told there was a problem with them getting stock from the supplier, so I raged about that for quite some time. It’s meant to be getting shipped out today, but I can see it being delayed again, leaving me with no time to play it before I go back to university. There’s nothing worse than a delayed release date on the initial day of release.

This artwork is beautiful, fullstop

This artwork has always been appealed to my morbid taste

I’m getting more and more excited for Borderlands 2. Just entered into a competition to win a copy of the Ultimate Loot Chest edition of the game, so keep your fingers crossed for me! It looks stunning, and I just hope that they’ve maintained the humour of the Claptraps and the general insanity of the characters. If I don’t win though, I’ll have to hope my student loan has come through so I can get it when I go back to uni.

And now that I am have checked my Amazon order, I am raging over the fact that I think Persona 4 Arena has been delayed AGAIN without Amazon notifying me. This calls for some camp, beautiful anime. I promise some more updates very soon once the games start rolling in again, and when things aren’t so busy.

Yes, it is as camp as it looks, and it's amazing

Stunning artwork, whacky story, perfection




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