Ponderings on Borderlands 2 & Shameless Self Promotion

As you will all know I have been waiting quite some time for Persona 4 Arena to come out. Since it got cancelled again I got rather annoyed. It was two days before the release of Borderlands 2, and my brain said to me ‘Sod it, get Borderlands 2 instead’. It’s not that buying it hadn’t entered my mind before, I just wasn’t sure whether I would have the time to engross myself in it before starting back at university this week.

I’m very glad that I waited until now to write these ponderings. I’ve had about a 5 hour session on Borderalnds 2 this morning (since I am ill in bed, what else was there to do?) and my thoughts have changed. In a good way, of course.

Borderlands 2 as a sequel isn’t as good as its predecessor. If you take into account the originality, the humour and the general mayhem of the first one, then Borderlands 2 just feels a bit like a huge DLC add on. I think the thing here, for me at least, is that the world of Pandora was just so beautiful and original, that the magic was mostly used up with the first game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying all the characters and locations but there’s just something about it that isn’t quite so ‘Holy crap amazing!’ as it was before. Familiar faces crop up all over the place, including the original vault hunters, but these are kind of the things that make it all a bit too familiar for my liking. Dr Zed is there, Marcus is there, and of course our beloved Claptrap is there. Taking Borderlands 2 as a stand alone game however is a completely different kettle of fish.

Borderlands 2 is seriously good fun despite what I have just said above. I’ve been playing for probably about 20 hours now, and I have constantly had the ‘I’ll just do this mission, then I’ll turn it off’ syndrome. There is so much to do, and so much loot to grab that it really is very difficult to turn the Xbox off and go back into the land of the living. When I was making my lunch earlier I looked out the window and could have sworn I saw a red light in the distance (indicating a gun/shield/mod etc) but then remembered I was in the kitchen, and not playing the game. I keep expecting people to walk into the room and have a slow motion snap shot of themselves with some form of comedic cover text. Yes, it’s bad, but I suppose that makes the game a success. It’s on my mind all the time, to the extent where I think I am actually IN the game.

I love the new additional leveling system. Well, it’s not a leveling system, but it’s a new method of pimping out certain aspects of your character. Remember the challenges from Borderlands? Well, that’s now turned into a Badass Rank system. For every challenge you complete, you earn a badass rank (or ten), and when you reach a certain rank, you get a badass token. These tokens are used to increase health, shield capacity, gun damage etc. I just think it’s a really clever way to customise your character. There is still the main leveling system of course, which can be a bit of a fiend. Just let me say this; Don’t be a jack of all trades, it’s impossible.

My main issue with Borderlands 2 however is this; It’s too damn hard to play on your own. Yes, I hear you telling me it’s designed to be played co-op, but the original game was nowhere near as difficult as this to play on your own. I don’t like playing co-op. Call it my anti social nature, but I just want to shoot things and get out. Gaming for me is a very personal experience, and I don’t want someone else running around in my game shooting and looting, and getting all of the experience that I would otherwise have had. Yeah it would be nice to have someone a couple of levels higher to help me out when I am struggling to take down a strong enemy, but then my sense of pride kicks in. I would rather just be re-spawned and it cost me a bit of cash than have my gamers pride damaged.
I suppose it’s all down to personal play style at the end of the day. I’m a single player kind of girl, whereas other people want to play in a team. If I want to have some form of social interaction while playing Borderlands I’ll just call my boyfriend and shout ‘OH SHIT! GRENADE!’ and ‘HOLY CRAP RUN!’ at him, without  being judged (I hope).

The thing I am most excited for is the Mehcromancer character class. It should be available soon, and she looks completely awesome and kick ass. Bring on the customisation!

If you enjoyed the original Borderlands then I would definitely suggest getting Borderlands 2, just prepare to not be blown away by many new and exciting things, and also be expected to have your play-style challenged.

To end, some shameless self promotion! Please check out my sister blog Ramblings of a Crazy Train Lady if you are interested in my personal goings on and obscure travel stories. I literally just started it the other day so there’s only one post, but I promise regular snippets. This is basically just to keep my personal life there, and my gaming life here.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Ponderings on Borderlands 2 & Shameless Self Promotion

    • I think having the Mechromancer as a ‘girlfriend’ character is a big mistake by Gearbox. Why on earth they thought that was a good idea I do not know. I can see where they were coming form in their sexist naiivety, but they could have just made a couple of character classes a little easier to play as, for novices if you will. Borderlands 2 is not an easy game, but the way they have described the Mechromancer will really see them shooting themselves in the foot.

  1. Hemingway’s girlfriend doesn’t plays games so it is hard for him to see why a woman would or could get offended by this kind of statement. Maybe this mode or skill tree can get more women into gaming or it could back fire and women will take it as a slap in the face? Who knows. *sigh* I feel like it creates an even bigger gap between men and women in the gaming world. Dumbing it down because they think women can’t understand simple mechanics.

    • The sad thing is, there will be lots of men out there using this skill tree to get their screeching girlfriends into gaming. It really is a tough one. I can’t see it breaking down any barriers as the women of the gaming world are already pretty pissed off at this.

      I’ve just got this image in my head of some bimbo sat in her underwear, seducing the gaming geeks. Maybe that’s just my own stereotype though? We’ll have to see what happens when the Mechromancer comes out.

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