Sitting on the Fence with Beastie Bay

This will come as a surprise to most of you, but when I first downloaded Kairosoft’s Beastie Bay I was more than a little disappointed. First of all, it was free. Am I crazy to want to pay for something? Maybe, but it just didn’t feel right to have a Kairosoft game crawling with random in game adverts. When I realised I could pay for it though, I did. I think it cost me £2.49 and although I am not enjoying it as much as previous games, it is still worth the money. Here are my thoughts;

The first thing to be noted about Beastie Bay is that it is pretty much a Pokemon look-a-like. There is no other way to describe it. That was my first disappointment. I like Pokemon, but I don’t really think that Kairosoft should attempt something like this. Pokemon is too big to be challenged, and it just doesn’t work. Anyway, that was my first issue.

My second issue is that the game just takes too damn long to get anywhere. I don’t know if this is one of those Kairosoft games that you have to play through several times to actually get a sense of satisfaction, but for a game that lasts 6 years when the usual is 14-16, Beastie Bay is a really long drag. Everytime I think I’m getting somewhere a steep difficulty curve crops up and I have to wait for all my food and wood to build up before I can even consider carrying on. It’s frustrating.

Somehow though it keeps me coming back for more. I don’t play it as obsessively as other Kairosoft games, but the love is still there. There is the tourist management, there is the building aspect and there is the levelling aspect that I love in a little RPG. It’s pretty to look at too. The monster designs are funky, if not entirely original, and there is a challenge in building the right team for the right mission. The map is a collection of brightly coloured pixels, but that’s what Kairosoft games are all about, that retro beauty.

Beastie Bay is charming, but flawed

Beastie Bay is charming, but flawed

Beastie Bay isn’t a bad game, it just suffers from a slow pace and a slightly worn out game play style. It’s one of Kairosoft’s least original attempts in my opinion, and could really have done with something a little bit extra to make it as wonderful as their other works.

I think Kairosoft have taken a slight step backwards with Beastie Bay. I can’t see the fans really lapping it up as much as everything else. I shall reserve my final judgements until I have played it a few times though. Until I decide if the slow burn remains that way, then I shall not having too much of a damning view of it.

What do other Kairosoft fans think to it?


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