Still Breathing & Brief Ponderings on the Mechromancer

I feel like once again I’m apologising for being so damn hopeless at this blogging thing. I’m still trying to get my life into some sort of rhythm after staring university again, and getting a new job. My life has gone from static nothingness to a sudden burst of activity that makes me want to hide in the corner until it all goes away.

I haven’t had time for gaming really, although I did manage to download The Mechromancer for Borderlands 2. My initial thoughts are, well, yeah she’s alright. I like her robot companion although it’s essentially just a moving turret. It’s difficult to tell whether she’s any easier to play as because your levels jump up so quickly when you first start out in comparison to when you reach about level 20 which I am currently at with my Siren. I still died a lot, but that could have been my complete impatience to level up and get my robot. I’ll have to play as Gaige for a bit longer in order to full decide whether I like her or not.

I love the feel and loo of Gaige, but I'm not sure if I love her as a gun toting madwoman

I love the feel and loo of Gaige, but I’m not sure if I love her as a gun toting madwoman

She feels a bit too much like Tiny Tina, which would ordinarily be awesome, but she just feels a little bit like a carbon copy of the same character, just with different coloured hair. She seems to have a strong desire to kill things in a maniacal way that just doesn’t work for me sometimes. We shall see how I feel when I finally get back to Borderlands 2 and can get my myself stuck into it again.

In other news, my article about Gaming on a Budget was published in this months Student Magazine at university, and it’s a double page spread. Very proud of myself as a few people in my classes said they had read it and liked it. I also received an award for the Best Article in this months issue which made me even more proud. I am getting somewhere, my writing really is as good as my family say it is! I’m by no means perfect, but I feel as though I am getting somewhere now.

And to finish, another shameless plug. If you want to know what I’m up to and why I had one death and a potential suicide in my general vicinity yesterday, please read my other blog about life and my travel happenings. It could do with some love.


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