Never enough time

I appear to be so drowned in uni work at the moment that the Xbox has been seriously neglected. The only games I have had time for have been on my phone, and even they have been played while I was on the move.

At the end of last month I turned 23, that’s another reason I haven’t been around. There will be a blog post about that on my other blog as soon as I get round to it. It was a fantastic weekend spent in London with the man though, in which there was much cake, and many burgers consumed.

Next week is my reading week at university. We’re meant to be studying in it, but instead I am taking this week to cram in as much work as I possibly can so I can spend next week with the man. I’m tempted to buy Need for Speed Most Wanted if I can get it for a good price and then we can play it together. We shall see. I also want to get myself Assassins Creed 3, but that might have to wait until Christmas. There are so many games I want to get, but I just don’t have enough time to play them. I probably won’t have much time until the end of March once Christmas is out of the way either.

To make this post worth while, I’m going to post a quick Christmas Gaming Wishlist;

Assassins Creed 3

I wouldn’t call myself the most avid of Assassins Creed fans, but when a new one comes out I do want to sink my teeth into it. I’m not 100% convinced about the new avenue they’re going with it, but at the same time if there had been another Ezio spin off I might have got a bit angry. I just want to run around on roof tops like a lunatic, that’s all.

Silent but deadly

Silent but deadly

Sleeping Dogs

I know a lot of people who have played this and said it’s really good. I would never pay full price for it, but I certainly do want to have a go. To me it looks like a mix between Kayne & Lynch and GTA. I’m not good at either game, I just like to play around in those kind of games though.

Roundhouse kick, anyone?

Roundhouse kick, anyone?

Pokemon Black 2

Yes I’m a child at heart, and yes I still like Pokemon. I really enjoyed Pokemon Black, but it finished too quick and I never got to actually link up my DS to the internet to get that exclusive Pokemon. I’ve heard and seen good things about Pokemon Black 2, and I haven’t played a portable game in so long, I could do with some amusement for a train journey or two.

I'm sure they just add scales to new Pokemon

I’m sure they just add scales to new Pokemon

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This is more from a reminiscing point of view. I loved Tekken Tag Tournament, and I will no doubt love TTT2. I don’t want something new and exciting, I just want back to basics Tekken.

It'll be good to see some old faces

It’ll be good to see some old faces


I so badly wanted to spell this with a u because I’m British….anyway, I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t really seen much of Dishonored, but it’s Bethesda which instantly makes me think it’s gonna be good. It looks completely out there, and really brutal and gritty so it’s definitely my kind of game.

Weird characters? Check!

Weird characters? Check!

Tales of Graces F

I honestly can’t remember the last time I played a decent RPG. The Tales Of series is one of my favourites, and anything has to be better than the pathetic excuse for a JRPG that is Final Fantasy XIII and all its sequels. Think I’ll need a bit of time for that one though.

Bright & garish; fantastic

Bright & garish; fantastic

There are obviously more, but I can save them for  new year Wishlist when all the even bigger and better games come out like Dead Space 3. What are your top picks for Christmas this year?


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