My Top 10 Racing Tracks

Playing the new Need for Speed game has made me realise exactly how important music is in a racing game. Unfortunately Most Wanted just doesn’t cut it for me in terms of soundtrack. There’s a few good ones in there, but there aren’t any that get me really pumped up for a race. Hot Pursuit had a long list of songs that got me pumped up. This also ties in, I suppose, with the article I have written about video game music on Megabits of Gaming.

Before i start this, I will point out that this is not a list of tracks already used in racing games. If any I list are already used, then I simply did not know, or they’re just that great that I wanted to include them. Anyway, these are my favourite tracks to race and drift along to, in a virtual space of course;

The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix);

A classic to any Prodigy fan, this remix is fantastic and I’ve done many a drift along to this track.

Hadouken! – Driving Nowhere;

I only got into Hadouken! after listening to Bombshock on the Hot Pursuit soundtrack, and the rest of the stuff is actually really good driving music. This is a bit slower than the rest, but it’s nice to cruise around to.

Akanishi Jin Ft Jason Derulo – Test Drive;

I cannot stand Jason Derulo in this, but my God I love Akanishi Jin. This song is more of a Fast & Furious track, but it works well in racing games too.

REDALICE – Come Come Power;

Japanese Doujin-Trance is one of the most insane genres I listen to, but REDALICE is simply fantastic. A perfect blend of dance and trance, with a fantastic bass line under it, I dare you not to get excited listening to this.

Noizenecio – VIP Star;

Another Doujin-Trance track, by an artist I don’t really know, but it still gets the blood pumping during a high speed chase.

Pendulum – Show Down;

I’m not a big Pendulum fan, but when this came on my iPod on one of my many travels to and from London my adrenaline shot through the roof. Just imagine driting round a long corner to this.

Nine Inch Nails – Starfuckers Inc;

It was a toss up between NIN or Combichrist, but Starfuckers Inc (Or Starsuckers as the censored version is below) is just  perfect for racing.

My Chemical Romance – Destroya;

Yes, I’m a My Chemical Romance fan. Trust me on this, Destroya is a fantastic song and deserves every inch of credit it gets. It’s fast, it’s heavy and my God does it have a good beat to it.

Mindless Self Indulgence – Never Wanted to Dance;

Mindless Self Indulgence are the kind of band you either love or hate. I love them. They’re rude, they’re crude, and their songs are so catchy it’s insane.

lynch. – Adore;

I had to put some Jrock in here somewhere. This song gets my adrenaline pumping regardless of where I am, so it’s the perfect song for driving or travelling. A bit of screeching and growling never goes amiss anyway.

What would you put in a racing game to get you pumped up for a race?


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