Christmas 2012

A belated Merry Christmas everyone! Today is honestly the only time I’ve had to sit down with my laptop properly and update this. For those of you who have liked my Facebook page will have seen my gaming presents, but I always make a big picture post after Christmas. So here are the majority of my presents, along with some very brief ponderings on the games I got.

Gaming goodies

So these are all my gaming goodies for Christmas. The parentals got me Dishonored, Tales of Graces F, Zone of the Enders HD, Chrono Trigger as well as the Heroes and Heroines art book with anime and game characters artwork in it. I haven’t had chance to play Zone of the Enders yet, I might have a bash later on and see how much prettier it looks. Dishonored is good fun, and kind of a mixture between Bioshock and Fallout. Of course it’s nowhere near as amazing as either game, but it’s decent and one of those ‘I’ll just do one more mission’ kind of games. Tales of Graces F is very good from what I’ve played so far, can’t wait to get more into that. Chrono Trigger I’ve only played for about an hour or so, but it’s a good classic JRPG so I’m looking forward to plowing through that one.


Next, I got some really nice stuff from my Aunt and Uncle. Got myself a Japanese film, a book about someone who moved to rural Japan for two years, some chocs and of course some fizzy wine. I’ve read about one page of the book, but I’m off to Cheltenham tomorrow so should be able to get through more of it. The film will probably be watched when I come back next week.


Obligatory smellies, socks and chocolates from the parents.


My Aunt’s Mum got me some chocs and a sweet little notepad for my desk.


Got some really good books for uni that I’d asked for. I think the Non-Designers Design Book is going to be useful for me, as I’m not the most visuall creative person in the world. Might even take them down with me to read on the train so I can get a head start with making our own magazine when I go back to uni in January.


You might think that I like chocolate and wine from all these gifts. Anyway, the things that aren’t pictured are a cushion from my Nan, as well as some perfrume and a bracelet. Others are some warm fuzzy socks, a big bag to keep toiletries in, as well as a big fluffy toy from my little cousin. Oh, and I also got some Assassins Creed gloves from the parents, so I’ll finally have warm hands on my travels, but still be able to my phone and iPod.

I’ll end up posting some longer ponderings on my games when I get chance to play them properly. I’ll probably end up taking ZoE and Dishonored down to Cheltenham with me, and maybe Chrono Trigger. We shall see how much I can fit into my suitcase.

I hope everyone else had a wonderfu Christmas. What gaming things did you get?


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