Ponderings on Dream House Days

I’m a terrible blogger. I know that, and I grovel at your virtual feet. I’m such a terrible blogger, that I am writing this in my only spare time, and that just so happens to be when I am babysitting.

I hit 20k hits the other day, and had a big blog post planned, but then life happened and I never got round to it. In fact, I think it was a week ago today that I got 20K. But yes, I hit 20K on my blog and I am damn proud. I’ve been going with this blog for nearly three years, and I know I’m in a niche so every hit is awesome in my eyes.

But what have I been doing gaming wise? Well, I’ve been back at uni for three weeks, so my life has been taken over with education again. There are so many games that I want in my life right now, but I simply don’t have the time. At least the positive flip to that is the games will be cheaper by the time I do get round to playing them. I had started on the post main story arc in Tales of Graces f, but then I started at uni and a JRPG is the last thing I need to be taking up my time with.

I had a quick look at episode 1 of The Walking Dead on XBLA. As much as I enjoyed the story and appreciated the gameplay, I’m not convinced about it enough to part with money for the rest of the episodes. It was very much like Heavy Rain, which I enjoyed very much, but I think it was just a little bit too clunky for me, in terms of the controls. I’ll wait and see if they put a good offer on them, or if I get some spare money in, as I would like to see how they pan out, and I do like games where you decisions very litterally affect the rest of the game.


I’ve also been playing a new Kairosoft game. Dream House Days is one of the games I was looking forward to being released, but it’s still missing something like Beastie Bay was. Both were free to play, and you only had to pay to remove ads, but then they want more money if you actually want to make any progress. I can’t believe for one second that Kairosoft aren’t making enough money from their app sales, so I think this is kind of unnecesary. It makes me resent paying for the game. None of the previous games had in-app purchases, so why do these? It just kind of destroys it for me in a way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game, but as I said with Beastie Bay, I don’t play it as much as I do with the others, and I think it’s the in-app purchases that are putting me off. I love building the houses, and moving different people in, and getting different jobs and residents having children etc, but it’s just dampened with the demand for extra money. I’ll finish it soon and see if it’s any better second time around, but for now I’m on the fence.


And that’s pretty much all I’ve had time to do to be honest. I really badly want Ni No Kuni, but I feel as though I need time to dedicate to that. I can’t just dip in and out of a game like Ni No Kuni. There are still games from 2012 I want to play, but I think that will have to be for the summer. Maybe this year I won’t lose my job due to floods, and I’ll actually have some money. What’s on your list of games to play for the next few months?


Ramble with me

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