The PS4 Announcement

Unfortunately I was way too tired after coming back from London last night to stay up and watch the PS4 announcement, but I’m catching up on all the news this morning. Here are my thoughts and feelings on a few aspects of the announcement.

The Console Spec

The spec is rather impressive, I can’t lie, even though it doesn’t really mean awful lot to me. From what I gather (and from what the techy boyfriend tells me) it’s pretty much PC spec. I like the fact that you can download things in the background better. Hopefully this will also speed up the PS Store as well. Bit of a shame they haven’t actually shown the console yet, but I suppose they do need to have something to show at E3. Whether the images will leak beforehand or not is a different question (they probably will), but I’m excited to see what it looks like.

Its complete lack of backwards compatability is a bit ridiculous if I’m honest, but hey ho, I tend to keep my consoles anyway and I don’t have a massive back catalogue of PS3 games. I’m also very relieved to hear that they won’t be blocking second hand games on the console. That would have been a seriously bad move. Whether they listened to the pleas of the community, or whether it was never going to happen in the first place I don’t know, but I’m happy.


The Controller

The controller looks to have been improved in some ways, but it does look a bit silly with the big screen in the middle of it. Everytime developers try and put screens in their controllers it just reminds me of the Dreamcast. Now, that’s not a bad thing, but I don’t want a screen on my controller. I’m looking at the television, I don’t want some little gimmick thing happening on my controller. Maybe I just still don’t get motion control or touch screen tech for home consoles or anything, but I don’t like the concept of the touch screen aspect to it either. I may be proved wrong when I have a go on it myself in the future, but a touch screen would surely take you away from the experience and make you focus on the controller instead?

It doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as the original controller designs from the PS3, PS1 and Ps1, but the analog sticks look so much better, and the back triggers look more comfortable. It looks a bit bigger than the original, which I’m a little sceptical about, but if they’ve tested it properly, it should be comfortable to hold,and practical to use.



The Games

The new trailer for Watch Dogs looks amazing, there’s no other way of putting it. I can’t wait to get my hands on that game. It looks like a cross between Assassins Creed, GTA and La Noire. I just like the idea of hacking everything around you, and it just looks very dystopian which is something else that I love.

Knack looked good as well. I like games with that kind of cartoony style, and I’m glad to see that the games business doesn’t want every game to look like an interactive movie. Knack looks like the kind of thing you would see a trailer for at the cinema before a kids film, but I’m a big kid deep down, so that makes me happy.

The new Killzone looks really good, although I’ve never played any of the games. Looked a little bit too real for my liking, but a lot of people are into super realistic graphics so that’s good for them I suppose.

The Final Fantasy announcement was hardly surprising, and also nothing new. Just going off the back of the tech demo at E3 last year, it was nice to hear about it again. I just really hope they don’t go down the same route as the Final Fantasy XIII stuff. Bring back my typical JRPG please. I haven’t lost hope yet.


So those are my initial thoughts on the PS4 announcement. I’m looking forward to seeing what Microsoft have to offer next. I hope they don’t go and do some bizarre hand held peripheral, because that’s just not Microsoft’s style.


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