Wreck-It-Ralph & Pocket Stables

I’ve been off uni this week as it’s my reading week (or, No-Reading Week as my lecturer accurately describes it), and it’s disappeared once more. I’ve been down to London to see the man, and I’ve caught up on the sleep I lose getting up at 6:30 most days. I want it to be longer though.

Anyway, it’s been a good reading week, and one filled with new technology, new games and gaming movies.


Last night, myself and the boyfriend sat down on Skype with each other, and decided it was time to watch Wreck-It-Ralph, and well, it was amazing. I haven’t enjoyed a cartoon that much in quite a while. Disney are utter geniuses in my book anyway, but it was just incredible to be transported inside those Arcade machines. It reminded me (at times) of Stacking, especially when they were in Game Central. It was absolutely hilarious to see all the ‘Baddies’ in one place as well, and the level of detail on all the characters was just jaw dropping. Characters moving and talking in a stunted way that they would in the actual games was impressive. I think our minds were just blown to be honest. I wanted to go and live in all the different game worlds, and would definitely give the film a solid 10/10. My only niggle would be, that I was expecting maybe a montage or two of him hopping in and out of different games. It didn’t ruin my enjoyment of it at all, but it would have been nice to have that little extra burst of creativity.


In other gaming news, as soon as we had finished Wreck-It-Ralph, I did my daily Kairosoft check on the Google Play store, and low and behold there was a shiny new Kairosoft game for me to download. Before I continue, I need to say that I got a new phone about a week ago. I was living with a Samsung Galaxy S that, while it does work, is a pain at the best of times. It was a good little phone, but more than anything else I wanted to change networks (NEVER go with Three, no matter how alluring their deals might be). So anyway, I went and got myself the Samsung Galaxy S3. I was going to go for the S3 Mini, but it was smaller than my current phone and I didn’t really see the point. The best thing about my new phone? Bigger screen size = Bigger gaming experience. I’ve been playing Venture Towns and Dream House Days on it and the screen size just makes it wonderful to play.

Anyway, so I checked the Google Play Store and Pocket Stables was there, ripe for the taking. I got a £20 Google Play voucher with my new phone, so it was technically a freebie; even better! I played it for about an hour last night, and an hour this morning, and it’s pretty much like Grand Prix Story but with horses. It’s a bit of a slow burner at the moment, but with most Kairosoft games, it will likely improve with a second play through, after I’ve carried over some stats etc. It’s fun, and it brings out my competitivity when it comes to gaming. It’s a typical train your horse, train your jockey, win races, get better things sort of game, but I love that.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 12.35.24

There is a Ninja game from Kairosoft out at the moment, but only in Japanese. Can’t wait to get my hands on that one. It looks like a cross between Dungeon Village and Epic Astro Story, but with Ninjas. Everybody loves ninjas.


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