Soulless Assassins and Lazy Driving

Anyone in the UK will know that we’ve had some, uh, rather freakish weather today. Yesterday it was cold and wet, and today my little town in Yorkshire is completely covered in show. I didn’t brave going to uni, and my seminar was cancelled anyway. I’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a relief as I’ve been ill since last Thursday, and I’m trying my damnedest to get rid of it.

So, what did I get up to on my snow day? Well, I had an article to submit for uni, and I made a start on something for the student magazine, but aside from that I actually made time for some gaming.

I said I would get back to you with my further feelings on Assassins Creed 3, and I feel as though I can now. I probably had a decent 5 hour session on it today, and I didn’t really do any of the story. Here’s how I feel about it; it’s just boring. Not the entire game, just the main plot. I don’t care about the main plot at all. I do however care very much about the people living on my homestead. That is what I have been doing all day, missions for them, as well as sending out my assassins to liberate various locations. So I’ve been characterising and money hoarding for about 5 hours today.

I think the main issue for me, aside from the dull plot, is that Connor is completely devoid of a personality. Everytime he opens his mouth it’s like his soul has been sucked from his body, and he’s been It’s so mechanic, and I just get nothing from him. In fact, I would go as far to say that I dread any dialogue with him because it’s painfully bad.


Maybe he just needs a personality injection

‘But that’s only the dialogue! What about the gameplay?!’ I hear you cry. Well, again, if I ignore the main plot then the game play is fantastic. Running through snow is akin to wading through treacle, and my running momentum varies with the seasons. I still find the battles painfully difficult, but they’re much easier now I’ve got a huge crew of assassins to help me. That’s another thing though; I can only use them in the cities. What about when I’m being chased by a small army on the frontier? I’m stuffed. I’ve got to dive off a cliff and hope for the best.

I’m a side quest whore though, so the side quests have really got me hooked. I can’t be bothered with the almanac pages, they just annoy me, but feathers and peg leg trinkets are certainly becoming an addiction. i’m even quite enjoying the naval parts. I can’t help but feel that was to prepare us for AC4. The colossal amount of money you have to spend to upgrade your ship had better be worth it, or that’s going to be another thing to add to my list of irritations with this game.

This is going to sound weird, but if I ignore the main plot completely, then Assassin’s Creed 3 is a brilliant game. If only the main character weren’t so soulless, and if only his enemies weren’t so, well, dull.

Aside from my AC3 binge though, I’ve been playing GT5 on the PS3 today, at the request of the boyfriend. He’s coming to stay on Wednesday, and has asked me to get a load of in-game money for him. This was originally quite a difficult task, I’m not gonna lie, but then I discovered the seasonal events, and thank God some of them are B-Spec. I can’t do A-Spec, I’m rubbish at it, so B-Spec is my only option if I’m gonna get anywhere.

More money = more shiny cars!

More money = more shiny cars!

I started out with just over 600,000, and I’m now creeping up to 2,000,000. The best part? All I’ve got to do is tell the driver to speed up occasionally. I can go to the loo, make myself a cup of tea. Hell, I could even play another game on my Xbox while I wait for the race to finish and I’d still get a load of money at the end.

I’m not sure what my next update will be about. I’m waiting desperately for a new Kairosoft game. Myself and the boyfriend discussed getting Ni No Kuni when he’s here so we can play it together. That would be pretty cool, but it’s too expensive really, and it will only distract me from my revision and essays when he’s gone. We’ll see.


Words do not describe how badly I want this in my life

What are you playing over Easter?


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