The Sequels I’m Still Waiting For

If you’re a fan of any particular game series, you’ll know that feeling of frustration when you’ve been waiting so long for a sequel, that you’re not entirely sure whether it’s going to happen or not. I’ve got a few that I’m still waiting on, and I’ve nearly lost hope. Whether I’m waiting for them to be released at all, or just waiting for them to come to this country, here’s my list.

Kingdom Hearts 3

I don’t even know how long it’s been since I played a decent Kingdom Hearts game. Even Kingdom Hearts 2 was a bit rubbish, and after all the incredible promo that they did for it. The most annoying thing is, that Square Enix have done so many random spin offs and rehashes of the original that it’s like they’re trying to distract us while they throw away anything to do with Kingdom Hearts 3. Will it happen? I don’t know. I want it to, but I do worry that by the time it does happen, I’ll have lost all interest in the series at all.

If the most recent attempts at the Final Fantasy series are anything to go by, then I’m not sure I even want Kingdom Hearts 3 anymore.


It would be nice to see the KH gang back together again

Drakengard 3

I’ll be the first to admit that the Drakengard series isn’t the best. It’s hack and slash at it’s finest though. Ever wanted to ride a fire-breathing dragon and kill hundreds of soldiers by spitting fire at them? Well, Drakengard is pretty much that. I suppose more than anything it just appeals to my love of mass slaughter in video games. I love nothing more than beating down huge crowds with a single swing from a ridiculously pathetic looking man called Caim. Who calls their child Caim? That’s just cruel. In fact, I can’t even remember the story of Drakengard (if there even was one). All I remember was a demonic child and some pretty awesome cut scenes for its time.

Apparently Drakengard 3 is coming this year, although I’ll remain sceptical about that one. It would be nice to have a hack and slash game that is even marginally better than Ninety Nine Nights though. Apparently, this sequel will include a female protagonist, that’s certainly an interesting change.


If this is what Drakengard 3 looks like, then I want it, now

Baten Kaitos Origins

Ah Baten Kaitos. It took me years to finish you, and I still remember the day I did it. I spent all day grinding my characters in the final tower, occasionally attempting the final boss once again, hoping I wouldn’t get annihilated. Inevitably I did get annihilated, lots of times, but after lots of rage and tantrums, I did it. It was one of those games that wasn’t exactly brilliant, and it utilised that weird card system that the Japanese love so much, but there was something about it that made it magical. The characters were wonderful and camp, and as annoying as the battle system could be, when you got it right it was glorious.

Unfortunately Baten Kaitos 2 never made it to this country. I can see why, it was in a rather tiny niche pretty much all on its own, but it would have been nice to have been given the option. I still hope that one day it will make its way into my hands, but it’s been 7 years already, so it’s not looking good.


Sure it’s niche, but could we not have at least tried it?

Grandia 3

Another game that never made its way to the UK, and I really don’t understand why. Grandia was one of the best JRPGs on the PS1, and Grandia 2 was simply amazing. I still remember Justin and Feena like it was yesterday, and the brilliant real-time battle system was truly a piece of genius. Evidently though, after the second one, someone decided that we Brits just didn’t want it, so we were denied this piece of gaming beauty.

The annoying thing about this one, is that it actually was meant to be getting a release in the UK, but it just never happened. It’s been 7-8 years since Grandia 3 was released in Japan and North America, so the chances of it getting a UK release now are very slim. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a PS3 download in the future.


Why weren’t we allowed this?

Are there any sequels you’re still waiting for?


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