Ponderings on Bioshock Infinite

Well, I’m currently sat on one of my many trains to my holiday destination of Devon, and I realise I never posted any ponderings before I left! I’ve got my music on, and I’m crushed on a train full of commuters, so why not ponder now?

As soon as my parents sent me Bioshock Infinite in the post, all the other games in my to play pile got neglected.

Before I go onto my ponderings, I will say this; Infinite is a solid 10/10. No doubt about it, it’s an absolutely fantastic game, and I can’t really fault it enough to give it any lower than a perfect score. There are some things that it falls short on in my opinion. I might get those out of the way first.

I’ve really struggled to view Infinite as an entirely seperate game to the first two games. I’m missing Rapture, or at least elements of it. Rapture had it’s time, and it would have been like flogging a dead horse if yet another sequel was set there. The thing I miss the most though is the eerie feeling of Rapture. Don’t get me wrong, Infinite is creepy, but Columbia is lacking that claustrophobic feel that Rapture had. I think it’s just the horror junkie inside me though.

Moving onto the good though. I love the vigors, and I think they did a really good job of keeping them familiar enough, but also completely different. Sure, it’s all been a bit simplified, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can still chain vigors together for ultimate gory devastation, and you can still obliterate people with a huge host of guns. It’s just a bit easier to manoeuvre around everything. I have to say though, there is a certain vigor that’s my favourite, simply because it makes enemies heads explode. Not only am I a horror junkie, but also a gore junkie. And of course my weapon of choice is the machine gun.

On the side of characters, they’re all fantastic as usual, and none of them feel hollow or undeveloped. Even some of the minor characters feel fully developed. On the same note, I think the pacing of the plot is brilliant. It’s fast enough to make you push forward to find out more, but it also doesn’t force you forward. You’re free to wander around and explore, and that’s one thing I really love to do. I’ve managed to wander and clear my path without realising on several occasions.

The graphics and environment are also stunning. Despite me missing the cold, dark feel of Rapture, Columbia is a beautiful city, even in complete and total destruction. I spent the first few hours playing it and just going ‘oh my god, it’s beautiful’ to myself. It’s nice to play a game that isn’t trying to look real. It looks like a game, and you can really tell the effort that went into it.

Overall, I’m completely in love with it. There are certain things I won’t mention in this, because they could be potential spoilers, but let’s just say I’m expecting a lot more twists, and a lot more, well, ‘craziness’ from certain characters.

I’ll be back from holiday next Wednesday, and I hope to be able to post full ponderings on all the games I’m catching up on.

Have a gaming filled bank holiday weekend, and I’ll catch you next week.


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