The New Xbox 720/Infinity/Durango – The good, and the bad

The new Xbox is being revealed at 6PM BST today, and you can bet your ass I’m tuning into that reveal. What do we know so far? Not a lot. We don’t even know a proper name for it yet, and we’ve been bombarded with countless rumours that have made the internet erupt into a sea of anger (always online, no second-hand etc).

I’m going to post everything good, and everything bad about this reveal though. I will try my best to cover everything, but I am betting on this conference being only an hour-long. Personally, I’m looking for a gaming focused dashboard. None of this silly social stuff, and all these apps. I also really don’t want to hear about Halo or COD, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Here are my thoughts and feelings on the launch;

The Good

  • More on Xbox 360 at E3
  • Cloud power?
  • All in one system
  • Simple. Instant. Complete.
  • Xbox One – Not sure about the name
  • Looks similar to Xbox 360 – Sleek black design
  • New controller buttons are translucent
  • Better voice recognition with Kinect
  • Keeping interface similar but sleeker
  • Trending – What is popular with friends and Xbox community
  • Same tabs as current dashboard
  • No need to change inputs on TV to watch TV – Kinect
  • Instant Switching – Seamless switching between apps, gaming, live TV with Kinect
  • Motion capabilities – Pinch and zoom with Kinect
  • Snapmode – can run multiple apps, games etc – Can watch films while browsing internet with Kinect – using smartglass?
  • Skype on the Xbox – HD – Group video calls on TV – Skype also in Snapmode – Play games and video chat on Skype
  • Xbox One guide – Built in TV guide – Voice control, trending etc
  • Xbox Live reinvented with Cloud
  • 8GB Ram in Xbox One
  • USB 3.0
  • WiFi built-in
  • Blu-ray drive
  • Practically silent operation
  • Three operating systems in one – Xbox, Microsoft, ?
  • Kinect works with controller seamlessly
  • Same membership for Xbox Live
  • 300,000 servers to power Xbox Live on Xbox One.
  • All content stored in the cloud?.
  • Dedicated game DVR – Capture gaming moments, share them.
  • Achievements become dynamic? How you play, not just how you did.
  • Improved matchmaking – Continuous.
  • Microsoft Studios releasing 8 brand new franchises in the first year of Xbox One.
  • Launching the console later this year around the world

The Bad

  • New controller – Looks a bit fat
  • Fat unit
  • Kinect is even bigger
  • Focus on entertainment, not necessarily gaming focused
  • ESPN – Personally don’t care
  • Still not keen on talking to my Xbox
  • Live action Halo TV series – directed by Spielberg
  • No price point

The Unsure

  • More social
  • Kinect not built in

The Games

  • Four games from EA Sports – Fifa, Madden NFL, NBA Live, UFC – Will launch in next 12 months
  • EA Sports Ignite – All new games engine
  • Forza Motorsport 5 – Xbox One live trailer
  • Quantum Break – Live action trailer start – Looks like action, survival game.
  • 15 Exclusive games from Microsoft Studios – 8 brand new franchises
  • Call of Duty Ghosts


Too much focus on Kinect. The console and controller is a bit fat on first glance. Too much focus on sport and TV ‘experiences’. I’m not entirely convinced about the whole thing to be perfectly honest, but I’ll wait until E3 to make any judgements. No answers about any of the rumours about always online, second hand etc. Hopefully these will come in three weeks time at E3. Really hoping to see some of these brand new franchises at E3.


One thought on “The New Xbox 720/Infinity/Durango – The good, and the bad

  1. Didn’t watch it myself (that’s 60 mins of my life I didn’t lose). Have had the readers digest version from some that did. Too kinect heavy & call me old fasioned but I have a tv to watch tv on & pc or phone for t’internet. Hope E3 is more game oriented. I don’t need a next gen consol just to take my dog onto the battlefield.

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