Everything that’s wrong with the Xbox One so far – Opinion piece

This post is not entirely factual, and many of the things stated within may change after or during posting. This article is full of my own personal opinions. Please do not take my opinion as written fact.

After reflecting over the Xbox One reveal on Tuesday, I’ve decided that not only am I ultimately disappointed and actually quite angry at Microsoft. I’m trying my best to reserve judgement until E3, but unless Microsoft do something pretty drastic (like, reverse everything they said at the reveal), I’m out of the Xbox party. The thing that annoyed me the most is that they waited until after the sports and TV centric reveal to actually reveal everything that the consumer wanted to know. The internet was flooded with news reports confirming all our worst fears about rumours that had gone around before, as well as new ones. Here are the things that I don’t like about it;

Always online

So the ‘always online’ rumour was slightly true, so I’m personally not too angry about it, but I think they’ve alienated a massive portion of their consumer base with this one. The Xbox One isn’t always online, but apparently it must connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours. I still don’t understand the need for this really, but I may change my tune if they give a rational reason.

Activation for all games

This point ties in with the always online issue. If an internet connection is required to just activate the game, then that alienates a substantial amount of the market. Internet is still not stable in quite a few areas, and from a personal perspective, I have a few friends in the armed forces, and they would be unable to use the Xbox One as they have either unreliable internet, or no internet at all.

Aside from that though, the other point that annoys me about this is as follows; If you buy a game and activate it, it’s only linked to your account. Fair enough. If you lend it to a friend, they have to pay the full game fee to activate it. Kind of fair enough, but then they might as well just get their own copy (I’m guessing that’s what they’re aiming for). But then this is the bit that gets me, and I’m not sure if this is 100% true; if you then get that game back from a friend, you have to pay full price again for the game to reactivate it on your account. That’s just obscene if it’s true.

Kinect is bundled, and must be connected at all times

I don’t like Kinect. Never have done, never will do. I don’t want to jump up and down in front of my TV, nor do I want to speak to my TV. I object to paying the rumoured £400 for a system that comes bundled with a piece of hardware that I don’t want. I think there should be an option, it should not be required. Also, if apparently the console can’t function without Kinect attached then, well, that’s just stupid in my opinion. I’m not one of these people who gets freaked out over surveillance, but this does freak me out having a camera and voice recognition device constantly on. I just don’t like it, and I don’t see why it’s necessary. I also heard that headsets will not be available for the Xbox One, meaning a distinct lack of private conversations as it will all be run through the Kinect. EDIT: Thankyou to Roland Merckle for informing me that Turlehead have the license to develop Xbox One headsets.

A box for entertainment, not games

From what I’ve seen so far, the Xbox One is an entertainment box, and not a console. Games appear to be secondary and I’m not sure how I feel about that. If I want to google something while watching live TV, I’ll just pick up my smart phone instead of talking over the TV show/film and manually google it myself. I just don’t see the point personally. I’ve got a laptop for talking to my boyfriend on Skype while I’m playing a game, and as much as I love him, I don’t really want his face emblazoned across the same screen I’m slaughtering necromorphs on. It would A) be a huge distraction and B) pointless.

Not all available in the UK

Once again, as a UK consumer I was left flat about all the sports and live TV functionality, especially as it’s not even going to be available in the UK. So once again, the UK got completely forgotten about and left behind in favour of the (in fairness) bigger US market.

There are many other little niggly points that I don’t like about it, but that’s for another update, post E3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to watch E3, but I’ve got my eye on Sony for once this year, because so far I don’t quite understand what Microsoft think they are doing. I want to like the Xbox One, but everything about it is what I don’t want in a console so far.


2 thoughts on “Everything that’s wrong with the Xbox One so far – Opinion piece

  1. your “article” is full of speculation, while you are entitled to an opinion, and are valid in some of your concerns, please read up on a few things before you publish an article that some may read and consider it to be factual

    for example, turtlehead has already got the license to develop xbox one headsets.

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