Microsoft E3 2013 Live Blog

gaming_xbox360The wrath of the internet after Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal can still be felt, but today we have the glorious E3 to look forward to. Starting at 9:30AM PST, 12:30PM EST and 5:30PM BST, a lot of people are going to be tuning in online to see exactly what Microsoft have to say for themselves, and whether or not the games of the next generation will really make it up to the gamers who are less than happy about their new policies.

If you want all the latest news then stay tuned with this gaming girl, as I’m going to be live blogging throughout the entire show with what I think is good, bad, or things I’m a bit unsure about. Stay with me all day/night for live blogs of the EA, Ubisoft and Sony conference as well.

The Good

  • Starting with a game trailer; looks like the new MGS set in a desert surrounding.
  • New MGS looks like Red Red Redemption with realtime weather, real time, differing transport, improved stealth.
  • Impressive, dramatic trailer showcasing all the key parts we need to be excited about for the next MGS instalment.
  • Title of the new MGS is The Phantom Pain.
  • Don Mattrick with Hideo Kojima
  • Don Mattrick claims it’s ‘all about the games’.
  • first a look at what’s coming to Xbox 360.
  • Gold members receive two free games per month to download before Xbox One release – AC2 and Halo 3 at the moment
  • Hundreds of new games coming to Xbox 360
  • Three new Xbox 360 game titles announced with trailers
  • Trailer 1; World of Tanks – Team based, 15 on 15, armoured warfare – Sounds fun and chaotic – Free to play with Gold on Xbox Live – Exclusive to 360
  • Trailer 2; Max The Curse of Brotherhood – Press Play developer, game looks like LIMBO, but with brighter colours. Side scrolling platformer, looks fun.
  • Trailer 3;Epic WRPG Dark Souls 2
  • New franchises for Xbox One
  • Ryse – Son of Rome trailer – Action game, controlling an army? Stunning graphics, terrifying real-time battle, fluid character movement – Features QTEs by the looks of it during even simple battles – Includes teamwork  in order to survive – Looks like good, tactical fun – Available on Xbox One at launch
  • Killer Instinct – Fighting game coming back, exclusive to Xbox One
  • Sunset Overdrive – Open world shooter, with trailer. Free running meets FPS and monsters? Looks like a twist on the Borderlands franchise, with a more fun loving style, looks to also include co-op.
  • Forza Motorsport 5, complete with McLaren on stage. Flashy show, worthy of such a beautiful car. Claiming to have more human AI than ever before. Live demo. AI drive like people, trying to shunt each other off the road etc. Driveatar? Earn credits while your console is off, as your driver learns your racing style.
  • Forza 5 trailer with all in-game footage, looks absolutely beautiful, and more of a racing game than simulation.
  • Minecraft coming to Xbox One – What’s new though? More Kinect? Unknown.
  • More on Quantum Break – Visuals look stunning, and the concept is interesting, but there are some things I’m not sure about.
  • Cell shaded game trailer – D4?
  • Project Spark – The ability to be able to ‘make’ your own game – Appeals to those who want to make things.
  • Once you have made the landscape of your game, you can place villages etc, and also add behaviours and craft enemies. Interesting concept.
  • Can morph the landscape in real-time using your main character – Very interested, a bit unsure of the point though, aside from simply crafting.
  • Changing MSP into localised currency
  • Xbox Live gold sharing
  • Crimson Dragon – No sound! oh dear Microsoft! Trailer looks impressive though – A little bit Game of Thrones meets Spyro in a more gruesome manner.
  • Dead Rising 3 – More zombies, trailer blending into live demo – Movement looks a little bit clunky, but that can be forgiven – Can pick up anything as a weapon and craft new weapons depending on scenario – Seems to use auto lock on when not in sights mode.
  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt coming to Xbox One – Gameplay footage – Utilises some aspects of Kinect, but only if you want to use it – Multi region open world.
  • New Battlefield live gameplay using Frostbite engine – Eventual live demo shown after a technical hitch – Looks stunning, but I find most war games to have a similar feel to them – Shows ability yo drive boat and fire rockets – Exclusive map pack for Xbox One before anyone else.
  • What Lies Below – Looks like an interesting Arcade game?
  • Black Tusk Studios – A bit of a radom teaser – Spy genre?
  • Xbox One launches in November at $499 and £429
  • One final Xbox One exclusive – Titanfall – Quick live taste of gameplay from developers – A mix between Battlefield and Halo? Looks good, but nothing to really differentiate between other FPS games.

The Bad

  • Choices you make in Quantum Break the game, reflect in what happens in the TV show – Not sure about this, why do I want to ‘blur the lines’?
  • Project Spark – Too much Kinect – Lazy gaming
  • More Smartglass – Editing, sharing and broadcasting your gameplay.
  • Record your games and upload, edit and share online with your friends – Personally am not interested.
  • Utilizing Smartglass with Dead Rising 3 – Removed from immersion in the game in my opinion
  • Still no retail pricepoint for games?

The Not-so-sure

  • Updating the Xbox 360 with a modern look and feel, based on the Xbox One design
  • Partnership with Twitch – Built into Xbox One
  • New Halo – Looking futuristic as usual – Runs at 60 FPS

Ramble with me

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