Sony E3 2013 Live Blog


By the time the Playstation conference begins it will be 2AM BST. It also will not finish until 4AM BST. Why am I saying this? I’ve been up since 8AM yesterday morning, with sporadic sleep inbetween, so if a) this live blog starts to make no sense it’s because I’m sleep deprived and b) if I stop updating, it’s likely because I’ve fallen asleep. Please don’t hate me for sleeping, I’m only human, not a live blogging machine.

The Good

  • Exciting montage of what is coming up.
  • Consumer driven speech by Tretton – Approval.
  • Counter Spy, Destiny of Spirits, DokiDoki Universe, Killzone Mercenary, Terraway on PS Vita
  • God of War HD 1&2, FFX & FFX-2, Flower, Dead Nation also coming to PS Vita.
  • The Walking Dead news – New episode is coming this summer called 400 days – coming to Vita.
  • PS Vita is going to be the ultimate companion device for PS4.
  • Trailer for The Last Of Us – PS3
  • Puppeteer – Side scrolling action? – PS3.
  • Rain – Looks dark and interesting – PS3.
  • Beyond Two Souls – Ellen Page and Willem Defoe – in depth trailer, looks intriguing – PS3.
  • Gran Turismo 6 trailer shown- PS3.
  • New Batman game? Batman Arkham Origins.
  • GTA5 exclusive bundle for PS3 owners – GTA branded headset – $239.
  • PS4 product design unveiled – Looks a lot boxier than the PS3 – Not as sleek, doesn’t look huge, but a bit sharp.
  • Relevant and meaningful services – Hopefully this means they’re listening to the consumer?
  • New PS4 exclusive – Whatever it is, I like the look of it. British voice actors, set in technologically advanced world,but with a ‘ye olde’ feel to it. Werewolves? Official title is The Order 1886.
  • Killzone Shadow Fall trailer – PS4 release.
  • Drive Club brief trailer – PS4 release.
  • Infamous Second Son trailer – Looks intriguing – Q1 2014 release.
  • Knack trailer – Still excited for this, looks fun – Ps4 release.
  • Quantic Dream 12 minute technical demo – Running in real time on Ps4 – The Dark Sorcerer.
  • Supergiant Games – Bastion creators. New game title is Transistor, coming 2014.
  • Indie devs can self publish their own content – Recently added to Ps Store.
  • Don’t Starve – Indie game
  • New game from makers of Scott Pilgrim VS The World – Mercenary Kings
  • Octodad Deadliest Catch.
  • Secret Ponchos – Blend of shooter and fighting genre.
  • Recuit zombie army in unknown title? Ray’s Dad?
  • Outlast – First person fright fest
  • Oddworld Inhabitants – Oddworld New N Tasty.
  • Galaxy.
  • All of the above had live, on screen demos.
  • Diablo 3 coming to Ps3 & PS4 – Exclusive in game items on Ps3.
  • New trailer for Final Fantasy Versus – Brand new trailer – Feels like a modern Crisis Core.
  • I got so excited I forgot to blog – Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now FFXV, a PS3/PS4 exclusive.
  • Kingdom hearts 3 is finally happening.
  • Gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed 4 – Swashbuckling fun on the beach – Multi gun weilding.
  • Watch Dogs live demo for the first time all evening – Nice to see the hacking in action for the first time in a year – PS owners recieve an extra hour of exclusive gameplay and exclusive outfit for main character.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online coming to PS4 – Trailer shown – Improved graphics, coming to PS4 spring 2014 – Beta exclusively available first on Ps4.
  • Mad Max trailer – More exclusives.
  • 40 titles exclusive to Playstation.
  • PS4 supports used games.
  • PS4 users can lend to friends at no extra cost, can also trade in.
  • PS4 doesn’t need to be online to play games – No authentication at all.
  • Play games as they’re being downloaded.
  • Cross game chat.
  • PS+ benefits being expanded – Current memberships will carry over to PS4.
  • Destiny finally shown – Game trailer, looks absolutely beautiful – Real time demo – Bit of a slow demo, showcasing the scenery more than anything else, and the eerie nature of the game.
  • Gaikai and cloud based technology.
  • $399, £349 pricepoint.

The Bad

  • Sony conference delayed by at least 15 minutes for unknown reasons. Tired gamer girl.
  • More sports.

The Not-so-sure

  • Music and video apps – Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited – Available on day one of PS4 release.

Ramble with me

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