A Shiny New 3DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf

I’ve only just recovered from E3 in terms of tiredness. I hope you all enjoyed my coverage. One day, I hope to be able to bring you all the latest news directly from the show itself. It’s a personal goal of mine, and I really hope I can reach it soon.

Onto the subject of this blog post though. After reading the reviews of Animal Crossing New Leaf, my indecision about whether or not to get a 3DS really peaked. If there’s something I can’t resist, it’s something cute that involves finding things, building things, and generally playing God. The first Animal Crossing was a true addiction when I got it, and this would no doubt be the same.

So after researching a bit online, I bundled myself onto a train to Manchester (any excuse), and went on a bargain hunting trip. I can’t use the 3D on the 3DS because it makes me feel sick, so I didn’t want to pay full price for that very reason. I could have got a brand new 3DS online for £133, but I wanted one for less than £100. I was hoping that after the Nintendo Direct there would be some sort of price decrease. Maybe I was hoping a little bit too much. Anyway, I ventured into GAME and CEX in search of a second-hand 3DS for under £100. First of all, GAME wanted to charge me £110 for a used console with  few scratches on it, no box, and a third-party charger. No way that was going to happen, so off I went to CEX. I could either pay £110 for a used 3DS with no scratches on, or £90 for a used 3DS with one or two scratches on. It was a no brainer, and the scratch is barely noticeable, and it’s on the back.

2013-06-17 17.12.43

£90 later and I’m the proud owner of a cosmos black 3DS, and £34.99 later also the proud owner of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Words do not describe the torture of the train journey home, as I sat with a 3DS that had no charge in it, and a new game. I was actually tempted to ask the staff in Yo! Sushi if I could charge it while I ate my burger, but I thought that would have been a little bit cheeky.

So I got home, plugged it in, and away I went. I’m already in love with it, and it brought back memories of my time with the original DS Animal Crossing, and all the animals that I came to love and look forward to meeting. I love the new twists in it and the new processes. I love the fact that I get to play Mayor, and it’s a fantastic idea that you can change when the shops open, and when residents are out to suit your play style. I’m a bit of a night owl, and because I work on the weekends I end up getting onto my 3DS at about 8PM, so I’ll be making my entire town into night owls as soon as I get the chance. It’s nice to see old faces as well as the new ones.

The 3DS itself though I am very impressed with. I didn’t know what these play coins were until I researched them, and now I think I’m a bit hooked. It’s a very clever way to get you to take your 3DS with you everywhere you go. I even went as far as taking it to work with me in my pocket. In the walk to and from work I got my maximum 10 play coins for the day easily. I even took it out today with me and clocked up over 7000 steps.

I’m also impressed at the size of the 3DS in comparison to my DS Lite, as they’re pretty much the same. I was told by friends to get the 3DS XL, but I don’t like chunky handhelds, and as much as I’m sure the bigger screen would have been awesome, it would have been more money. I like how compact it is, and it fits in my hand really nicely. I’m definitely happy with my purchase. I just need to save up for some more games on it now like Pokemon X/Y and Tales of the Abyss.

2013-06-17 17.13.27

Unfortunately I am lacking any street passes at the moment due to the small town I live in, but next time I am in Manchester or London, I will definitely be taking it with me to see if I can pick any up. Feel free to leave a comment with your code if you wish.


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