The Appeal of Video Game Artwork

I can’t draw. I’ve never been able to draw. In fact, the best I can do is look at an image and copy it. I drew some pretty amazing Pokemon pictures when I was younger, but ask me to draw anything from my imagination and you’ve got another thing coming. At school I was in the top set for art simply because I was in the top set for music. My teachers simply didn’t understand that just because I could play the guitar and the keyboard, that didn’t mean I could draw a masterpiece, or even a good-looking stick figure.

However, I’ve always been fascinated by art. It genuinely frustrates me sometimes that my brain can’t tell my hand to draw such beautiful pictures, but hey. I enjoy looking at it, and I appreciate the hard work and the time that goes into creating it.  I especially love video game artwork. I remember when I first got into video games at the age of 7, and all but drooling over the strategy guide for Final Fantasy VII. That’s right folks, even a strategy guide holds a beautiful collection of artwork from time to time, and I would read them from cover to cover, constantly going back to them even when I wasn’t playing the game just to look at my favourite pictures.

If it was up to me financially, and if I had enough space, I would import as many art books from Japan as I possibly could, and have them all on display because I truly do admire their beauty. I even have a small collection of such art books with me at my house in Yorkshire, but most of my strategy guides remain in my parents house in Gloucestershire. There’s just something about them that is so appealing. It’s looking into the exclusive development of a game before the digital artists got their hands on it, and seeing how your favourite characters developed over time.

2013-08-15 12.56.53

I have a small collection currently, but I want to make it bigger

The original artworks for Final Fantasy look nothing like the end result, but both are equally beautiful, and I would rather have a book full of hand drawn designs, than 3D rendered designs. I even purchased this months issue of the Official Playstation Magazine because it came with a mini glossy art book from The Last Of Us. Well, that’s not the only reason I bought it, but it was definitely a pull factor for me. I don’t even own the game, but I want to, and even though it’s only a few pages, it’s still just as beautiful to look at as any other bumper book full of video game artwork.

How do you feel about artwork from video games? Do you share my passion, or are you more of a play it and forget about it kind of person? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Appeal of Video Game Artwork

  1. i really love Video Game art as well. as a huge fan of the final fantasy series i have been contemplating getting The Sky, if only i could afford it.
    Some of my favorite VG artwork is yoji shinkawa’s work for the metal gear solid series.

    • Even though I’m not a fan of Metal Gear Solid as a series, I can see why you would appreciate the artwork. It looks beautiful, and similar in some ways to the original designs for the Final Fantasy series.

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