PS4 or Xbox One? Well, probably both

I hated it when Microsoft announced all their ridiculous policies regarding the new Xbox One. I know that a lot of players felt angry and betrayed by Microsoft when they announced these very unpopular policies, and I can’t say I blame them. Not everyone hated them, some were excited, but the angry outweighed the happy. The internet was awash with gamers full of rage, declaring their newfound love for Sony and the PS4, and hey, who wouldn’t after that tremendous end to their E3 conference?

All of this has changed though. Microsoft have seen the error of their ways and reversed pretty much all the policies they first announced. This week they even announced that the Kinect wouldn’t have to be connected to the console in order for it to function. Personally, this is music to my ears. I never liked the first Kinect, and as much as I would never rule out giving it another chance, I strongly objected to having it plugged in all the time simply for my console to function. I make my feelings on motion control very clear on here, but if Microsoft had promised more than voice control and sports, I may have been swayed towards their camp.


The question of which console to get is one that is still flying around though. It’s a tough one for me, because I don’t really have a preference in some ways. I’m a student, I can’t afford either console when it comes out, so I’m going to have to wait anyway. Any money I make from my part-time job goes into paying rent, affording to eat and spending time with my friends and boyfriend. I wait for games to go down in price because quite simply I can’t afford £40 every time a new game comes out. I’m also entering my final year of university, so as much as I’d like to sit and play all the up to date games, I can’t see myself having the time. This is all personal circumstance though, and if my financial situation were different, well, I’d probably own a Wii U and a PS Vita by now.

However, before all these policy reversals, if I had the money I would definitely have purchased the PS4 on day one. Why? Well, it’s cheaper, and just looks a lot more consumer friendly. I’m still high-fiving Jack Tretton in my mind for Sony’s landslide victory at E3 (in my opinion anyway). Now though I’m a little bit torn. I love my Xbox 360, and I spend a lot of time on it. I’d like to spend more time with my PS3, but when I fire it up it’s got so many updates to do, that it’s like waiting for your friend to get off the phone before you can ask them if they want to do something. I just can’t stand the waiting. The PS4 looks sleeker than the Xbox One, and I’ve been a Sony fan since the days of the PSX and PS2, but Microsoft have won me over ever since I got my Xbox 360. The PlayStation controllers may be tiny, but they’re comfortable and they’re what I grew up with. The Xbox controllers may be fat, but you get used to them. It’s a tough call.


I’m glad that Microsoft have reversed all their policies. Yes, it’s true that we will never know exactly what the Xbox One could have been us in terms of being different, and yes, both consoles are offering very similar features now, but at least I don’t have to check in with Microsoft every 24 hours, nor do I have to watch the Kinect keeping it’s eye on me all the time. Okay, so it wasn’t going to do that, but I just don’t like the thing.

I’m still more excited about the PS4 than the Xbox One, but the playing field has been evened out a bit now, so it’s a bit of a free for all when it comes down to release dates.

Have Microsoft’s policy reversals changed your position in the never-ending console war, or are you sticking firm with your initial choice?


One thought on “PS4 or Xbox One? Well, probably both

  1. Wow! For once a completely rational, cool-headed, fair-and-balanced approach to the ever-consuming console war! Color this guy impressed!

    I, like you, am torn between both. Initially I was in the “stick-it-to-Microsoft” camp due to all the DRM stuff. However, I actually kinda got used to the “reality” we were likely to see, and then I just decided, if that’s where they are going (and a lot of developers are STILL saying that it’s inevitable, even with the reversal), then so be it. I can’t do anything about it. I don’t like it. But that’s how it is.

    But the biggest sticking point for me is that I’ve been a 360 fan over PS3 (even though I’m actually a Nintendo fanboy, and game on Nintendo more than either of the other two) this gen, and partly because of that, I have absolutely zero interest in a lot of the PS4 properties. Then at E3, Microsoft won CONVINCINGLY IMHO.

    Then they reversed course, and now I’m solidly XBOne. The quad-fecta of TitanFall (I don’t even play FPS games or multiplayer titles, like you, and I can’t wait for this game cause it just looks so darned awesome and it’s not a military-themed shooter), Dead Rising 3 (Looked awesome), Ryse (my game of the show. It’s like they turned 300 into a videogame!) and Killer Instinct (I don’t play fighters but once I saw the actual stage demo of this game, it shot up to my must have list. It looks incredible. The only fighters I play is Smash Bros., but I’m definitely picking up KI) is a line-up that’s unmatched IMHO.

    For the PS4 almost nothing interests me. And I didn’t even mention that absolutely crazy Project Spark game Microsoft has. InFamous: Second Son is my favorite PS4 title and the only one that really gripped me. But I didn’t play the first two. And then Killzone is like Halo, I could CARE LESS. I dont’ generally play FPS games, and Killzone is just another Killzone. I almost can’t believe there’s another one already. 😛 The game I’m most excited for is actually Knack. lol. Just cause I love platformers. But even then… It’s not a system seller. I mean it’s cool and all, but …. Knack. I’m actually surprised it exists honestly. Cause it doesn’t impress when you first see it.

    They do have that other game with the year in the title, but I don’t know enough about it. And they have lots of cool indie stuff as well. But my #1 indie game was actually “Below”, and that one is also Microsoft. 😛

    The ONLY sticking point is the price. HOWEVER, and I can’t believe I never hear anyone mention this, I think that built-in voice control and gesture-support because of Kinect will be a videogame GAME-CHANGER. And I think that once people get so used to saying “Xbox On” or casting spells while they are doing something else, using their voice, they are going to miss that feature on the PS4. I think it will be like those who got used to having a headset, then went to PS3 and found out no one has headsets cause Sony didn’t ship with them (or so I hear anyway, not like I’ve ever used a headset myself :P). I honestly think this could win the next round for MS. But one realizes it yet….

    And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even play online games. 😛 I’m almost exclusively a single-player gamer. And even I can see the potential here.

    Of course, before any of this I’ll be buying a WiiU. 😛 WIND WAKER HD HERE I COME!

    long post is long….. 😛

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