The Biggest Gaming Pet Peeves

We all have those little things that grind our gears in video games, but sometimes they become more than minor annoyances, and turn into the bane of your existence. Here’s just a hand full of the things in games that really wind me up.


Static camera angles

I think I hate this more than anything else. I want to swing the camera angle around freely in all my games, but in some you just can’t. Why can’t I see what’s behind that wall? What do you mean I can’t swirl the camera round and give myself motion sickness? Dammit, give me some control over what I see, and from what angle.

Multiplayer achievements

More often than not, I’ll fire up a new game and have a quick browse through the achievements list, simply to see how many I am going to be able to get. I’ve started to notice the ever-increasing presence of multiplayer achievements, and while I have nothing against them personally, I start to get a bit annoyed when they take up half of the achievement list. I don’t want to play the multiplayer, and it makes me look bad when I only have half of the achievements in a game because the rest of them require someone else to get them with me. I wish I could opt in or out of these achievements.

Retracing your steps

I’m all for side missions, but I really hate it when you’re forced to go between A and B countless times to complete one mission. Go speak to person A, they send you to person B. Person B sends you back to person A, and so on, and so forth. It’s just frustrating, and it makes me not want to play any more. If you’re going to send me halfway across the map, at least make it worth my time, and for the love of God don’t send me straight back to where I came from.


Doors that don’t open

There have been too many times in games where I’ve seen a door, and I can’t enter it. Why do they do this? I don’t want decorative doors in my game. If there’s a house in front of me, I want to be able to go into it. I don’t care if there’s nothing inside, I want to open that door. Doors aren’t there to look pretty, they’re there to be opened, let me interact with the scenery.

Quick time events

I started out not really having an issue with QTEs, but as time has gone on, I’m learning to loathe them. They’re like an electric jolt to wake you up. Oh hey, were you enjoying that cut scene? Well, heads up, you gotta press the A button now, otherwise it’s game over! They’re completely unnecessary, and require no skill except for the skill to pay attention.

Steep difficulty curves

I like a game that steadily ramps up the difficulty. It would be no fun if I walked into a new area and I could annihilate every enemy in sight. I want some sort of challenge, I want to use up my potions and I want to grind those levels up so I can kick ass. What I don’t like, is when a game suddenly decides it’s time to go all badass, and kick me into the ground, when in the last area I was walking all over the enemies. I don’t mind grinding my levels, but sometimes it’s ridiculous how much you need to grind to progress when a game ups the ante too much.


Ramble with me

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