Ramblings of a Gaming Girl interviews Insert Coin Clothing

Stylish, affordable and fun: three simple things that a gamer wants from their wardrobe. It has only been in recent years that official gamer aimed clothing has become more easily accessible in the UK. One of the companies at the forefront of this new industry is online retailer, Insert Coin Clothing, and they tick all the boxes.

Insert Coin Clothing is a clothing company that was created in 2010 and specializes in video game apparel. Featuring high quality tees and hoodies from all genres, ICC aims to give gamers a wide variety of high quality shirts, complete with excellent customer service. Dan Long, Head of Communications said, “We were appalled by the poor quality of what was already out there for gamers.” Dan and co-founder Jon knew they could do better, and that’s when ICC was born.

The name Insert Coin Clothing comes from the classic image of Arcade machines requesting more money for an extra turn. The name seemed fitting for a brand new company, with its founder’s memories rooted in retro arcade machines. In only two years ICC have teamed up with some of the big names in gaming to bring you some truly amazing designs. Microsoft, Sony and Ubisoft are a handful of companies that have past, present of future projects with the clothing company.

Everyone in the ICC team works on the simple yet elegant designs, with the final say being given to the original creative team, but user submitted suggestions are always welcome. Some lucky fans have had their designs used in the past, including some past competition winners. Dan said, “We love getting people’s ideas, as it tells us what sort of things people are looking for next.”

Their repertoire includes guys, girls and kids apparel with original designs from famous franchises such as Silent Hill, Sonic, Metal Gear Solid and Zelda, to name only a few. All their clothing is reasonably priced starting from £20-£25 for a tee, and £30-£35 for a hoody. If you want to kit out your offspring with the latest gaming fashion, then geek-tastic kids tees will set you back a more than reasonable £12.

Dan & co attend the MCM and Eurogamer events every year, bringing with them a massive amount of apparel and great deals for every gamer’s budget. They love to spend time with their community, and these shows are the perfect opportunity for you to get up close and personal with them. Dan said, “We had crowds of hundreds of people at Eurogamer. It was overwhelming and we were really touched.”

ICC plans to branch further into the world of apparel in the future, not only featuring tees and hoodies. One day we may even see a high street store for the growing company. While it is shrouded in mystery about what other kinds of apparel they are likely to promote in the future, Ramblings of a Gaming Girl was informed that 2012 is going to be a very big year for the company, so watch this space.

For original designs at affordable prices, visit Insert Coin Clothing, follow @InsertCoinTees or like their Facebook page.